Soldier for Life

Tuesday November 13, 2012

What is it?

The Soldier for Life mindset is a holistic approach to the military life cycle career of a Soldier. The U.S. Army takes care of teammates by ensuring Soldiers start strong, serve strong, and reintegrate strong so they remain Army Strong serving their communities after they leave the Army. The U.S. Army's strategic imperative of sustaining the All Volunteer Army is directly affected by how well the veterans reintegrate back into the communities. Gen. George Washington said: "The willingness with which our young people are likely to serve in any war, no matter how justified, shall be directly proportional to how they perceive the veterans of earlier wars were treated and appreciated by their nation."

What has the Army done?

The Chief of Staff of the Army created the Soldier for Life office to enable Army, government and community efforts to facilitate successful reintegration of our Soldiers, veterans, and their families in order to keep them Army Strong and instill their values, ethos and leadership within communities.

What efforts does the Army plan to continue for the future?

The Soldier for Life office conducts engagements to develop understanding and awareness of the employment, education and healthcare programs that exist or are evolving to assist Soldiers, veterans and their families as they reintegrate following their service to the nation. Additionally all components of the Army are actively engaged with the Nov. 21, 2012 implementation of the Veterans Opportunity to Work Act (VOW Act) to provide service members and their families with employment transition assistance as close to their home communities as possible.

Why is this important to the Army?

The Secretary of the Army's Transition Policy encompasses transitions throughout the entire military lifecycle of service, a Soldier for Life mindset. The process starts when the Army recruits the best and brightest Soldiers while establishing immediate connections to Industry with the Partnership for Youth Success (PaYS). As the Soldiers serve they gain invaluable experience, and at some point make the transition from active duty. During this yearlong process, Soldiers can determine what their desired post-military service purpose is going to be - essentially setting a new career goal to achieve. The Army is committed to help the newest veterans transition in a fully "career ready" status and enter an established network, connecting them with the opportunities they need to succeed as Soldiers for Life.

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For questions, comments or concerns, please email or contact Soldier for Life at (703) 545-2637.







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Senior Leaders are Saying

"Our veterans are "Soldiers for Life," and the Army is committed to their lifelong success ... As veterans, our Soldiers bring exceptional training, values and experience to any community."

- Under Secretary of the Army Joseph W. Westphal

America's enduring obligation: Honoring Soldiers for Life

What They're Saying

"It's New York City, they are very resilient. They have been through 9/11."

- William Hansel, task force safety officer at Fort Hamilton, N.Y., speaks of the resiliency of the New York City's residents who are recovering, with the help of emergency responders and support of the Soldiers from the 10th Mountain Division deployed to New York City and New Jersey to support in response to devastating effects of Hurricane Sandy.

'Task Force Support' Soldiers provide relief to Hurricane Sandy responders

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