Interactive Customer Evaluation

Friday July 6, 2012

What is it?

Interactive Customer Evaluation (ICE) is a web-based customer feedback system used by Department of Defense organizations. ICE is a powerful tool used to enhance feedback between Soldiers, family members, civilian employees, retirees, and their garrison support agencies. Customer feedback results in better understanding of customer wants and needs. In short, ICE helps Army Garrisons provide better customer service.

ICE allows customers to give immediate feedback on their experience with installation services. Service providers typically respond to customer comments within three business days and most respond faster. The system automatically calculates the customer satisfaction rating once a comment is submitted. Customers can also see how others have rated the service during the last 90 days. The combination of these factors provides a feedback loop between customers and service providers in real time.

Why is this important to the Army?

Feedback collected through ICE is used to improve customer service. Customer input is vital to ensuring proper levels of service.

ICE comments and ratings also provide leaders, from the installation level to the Assistant Chief of Staff for Installation Management, with the voice of the customer, enabling them to resolve issues both locally and across the enterprise.

What has the Army done?

Army leaders at all levels value the opinions of their customers. Promotional posters have been developed to raise customer awareness of the ICE program and Quick Response (QR) code technology is being implemented on the posters and other media to allow people to make ICE comments via their smart phones. Quick Response is the trademark for a square barcode, made popular because it's quickly readable and can store a large amount of information. The code is scanned with a QR code reading smart phone app and brings up the ICE web interface so customers can easily respond to the ICE survey. Installations provide numerous opportunities for customers to voice their opinions and suggestions that could potentially lead to major changes and improvements in customer service.


Interactive Customer Evaluation
U.S. Army Installation Management Command
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