Army Medicine: Supporting Readiness, Families and Health of the Force

Tuesday July 24, 2012

What it is?

Army Medicine provides comprehensive healthcare and support services for our Soldiers and families. We have cared for the force since 1775. Our vision is to continue to set the standard in providing the best medical care to become America’s premier healthcare team. Our unrelenting drive and medical expertise helps more than 95 percent of our Soldiers survive their wounds and either return to the fighting force or transition to civilian life. We are dedicated to saving lives and producing a healthy and resilient Army family.

What has the Army done?

Army Medicine honed its diagnostic capabilities to pursue early treatment, intervention and holistic alternatives to help manage the mental, physical and spiritual health of the force. We have initiated multiple programs and initiatives under the Army’s Campaign Plan and our own Medical Innovations Campaign Plan. In 2011 we formed the new U. S. Army Public Health Command, which created a single proactive, accountable agency for public health and veterinary issues to focus on prevention, health promotion and wellness for the entire Army family. The Army’s Surgeon General Lt. Gen. Patricia Horoho designed the Lifespace campaign. Engaging the Lifespace encourages the Army Family to live the best and healthiest life possible in the 525,500 minutes of the year that they do not spend with a healthcare provider. Improving the Lifespace includes better management of sleep, nutrition, and activity.

Why is this important to the Army?

A healthy force is a ready force. In the future, much of Army Medicine will be practiced at the Army Medical Home (AMH)- a primary care model adopted by the Military Health System (MHS) and civilian providers across the nation. The AMH model integrates patients into the healthcare team and encourages them to be active participants in staying healthy. It's healthcare as it should be"easy to access, patient-centered, team-based and quality-focused.

What does the Army have planned for the future?

In coordination with our fellow services, we will strengthen collaborative partnerships with the Veterans Administration, our Military Health Services and TRICARE partners and civilian providers to provide responsive, reliable, and relevant healthcare for our Soldiers, families and all Army Medicine beneficiaries. Army Medicine is committed to a healthier Army and a healthier America.


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Senior Leaders are Saying

"In this particular case, this is a situation where we have living American war veterans who are in their 80s for the most part, some in their 90s, who served in both World War II and Korea, who won't be around in the next go-around. When we get to the 70th anniversary, that population will have dwindled. This is our last opportunity as a nation to say thank you to the veterans that are still alive."

- Col. David J. Clark, executive director, DOD 60th Anniversary of the Korean War Commemoration committee, also serves as the Army's director, foreign intelligence, with Army G-2, speaks about the 59th anniversary of the armistice to honor those who served and those who gave their lives in Korea.

DOD to mark anniversary of Korean War armistice

What They're Saying

"These are men and women whom one day might have to use these skills to save their fellow soldier's life. So I'm glad that we were able to share what we knew with them."

- Sgt. David Jacobs, a medic for Task Force Raptor, realized this was a great opportunity to share his skills with partner-nation soldiers during the joint training seminar with Burundi National Defense Force soldiers, May 28 - June 8.

U.S. Army, BNDF mentor Burundi soldiers


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