National Guard Diversity Program

Thursday July 19, 2012

What is it?

The National Guard Bureau Office of Diversity and Special Emphasis Programs (NGB-DIV) deepens and broadens National Guard diversity programs by facilitating and enabling a proactive, strategic approach to recruiting, developing, retaining, and promoting a diverse workforce. It was established in May 2011 and Phyllis Brantley was named the first Chief, NGB-DIV.

What has the National Guard done?

The Joint Diversity Executive Council (JDEC) already has improved diversity within the National Guard, i.e., providing a comprehensive diversity policy; a leaders' guide on diversity with lesson plans; resources for state-level Joint State Diversity Councils; and NGB-led training and mentoring.

The NGB Diversity Conferences have been extremely successful,. These are professional, inspirational and educational conferences. The 2012 NGB Diversity Conference. May 23-25 held in Reno, Nevada, had over 500 participants, many who were State Adjutant Generals, and other senior leaders, which got the ball rolling with diversity training in the Guard.

What efforts does the National Guard plan to continue in the future?

The NGB-DIV will host their second semi-annual Virtual Diversity Update, available online beginning July 24, hosted by Brig Gen William Burks, Chair, JDEC. This semi-annual update features a roundtable discussion with the CNGB; retired Air Force Gen. Lester Lyles, chairman of the Military Leadership Diversity Council; the directors of the Army and Air National Guard; other key NG leaders and members of the National Guard Bureau Joint Diversity Executive Council. There will also be training for joint state diversity councils and best practices from the field.

Why is this important to the National Guard?

The success of the NG federal, state, and community missions are directly attributable to the contributions of the men and women who have volunteered to join our force. Our community basing architecture is fundamental to this success, because it affords the diverse opinions, abilities, beliefs, ideologies, and experiences of our greater American society. The changing demographics of our nation already are reflected in our forces and will demand a more inclusive approach to leadership and followership.


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"I think both the president and the secretary of defense have made very clear that their main objective, which is ours as well, is to preserve this magnificent land force that's been built over the last 10 years, and ensure we remain in the future what we are today: the greatest land power the world's ever seen."

- Secretary of the Army John McHugh, in a June 2012 edition of Soldiers Magazine Secretary of the Army John McHugh

What They're Saying

"The NFL is very interested in having a similar type of capability that would aid doctors in diagnosing and understanding football players' experience of concussions and blunt force trauma on the football field so that they can better offer medical aid at the appropriate time to those players."

- Lt. Col. Frank Lozano, product manager of Soldier protection with Program Executive Office Soldier, highlights the Army's partnership with the National Football League to help them develop ways to protect football players from traumatic brain injury (TBI), in much the same way the service hopes to protect its own Soldiers from those same injuries

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