Army Civilian Training and Leader Development

Thursday June 7, 2012

What is it?

The Army G-37/TR - Civilian Training and Leader Development Division is responsible for providing the strategy, policy, resourcing and programming for the Army Civilian Corps' training and leader development programs. The division strives to ensure civilians have the opportunity to pursue the training, education and operational experiences necessary to develop leader competencies and enhance their functional and technical capabilities essential to the accomplishment of the Army mission.

What has the Army done?

The Army G-37/TR, Civilian Training and Leader Development Division has consolidated training and leader development policy governing training for the Army Civilian Corps in the next update to Army Regulation 350-1, Army Training and Leader Development. To improve access to information and generate awareness and participation in training, the division has launched a new website, Civilian Training and Leader Development. This one-stop training site consolidates news and information about civilian training, career program professional and leader development opportunities, as well as application procedures and links to courses and registration sites.

What continued efforts are planned?

The Army G-37/TR, Civilian Training and Leader Development Division is working to ensure all Army civilians - as well as their military and civilian supervisors - know about the existing career planning tools and professional and leader development resources and opportunities available to them. In addition, civilian training and leader development programs continue to be refined to ensure they meet the needs of both the xivilian workforce and the Army.

Why is it important to the Army?

Army civilians are essential to the Army team, critical to the Army's success, and thus ultimately, vital to the nation's security. Civilian training and leader development programs build a civilian workforce that provides the complementary skills, leadership and expertise required to meet the needs of the Army. Leaders at all Army levels benefit from multi-skilled professional civilians with varied experiences and perspectives. Civilian employees benefit personally and professionally from mentorship, progressive learning and leader development experiences throughout their careers.


Army G-37/TR, Civilian Training and Leader Development Division

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Senior Leaders are Saying

"The expertise and competency of our Department of the Army Civilian Corps is essential to the success of our Soldiers on the battlefield and to building a flexible, streamlined and responsive generating force. Our Army demands that civilian employees commit to a lifetime of professional and personal growth, and I hold each Army civilian accountable for mapping and navigating a progressive program of self-development. Commanders, supervisors and managers share responsibility for enabling Army civilian employees to reach their full potential."

- U.S. Army Secretary John McHugh

Army Directive 2012-09, March 19, 2012

What They're Saying

"It is important for the country to know that we sacrificed -- and there are many heroic contributions that were made during World War II -- to the point where we were able to stop tyranny and bring freedom not only to our country, but the world … There is still the element of sacrifice for our country in our military personnel today. And I would tell you that with all the knowledge and technology, they are able to help our country well."

- Sen. Daniel Akaka, of Hawaii, and also a World War II veteran, served in the Pacific theater in World War II, emphasizing that today's Soldiers are very much the same as those from 68 years ago, at a reception in advance of a traditional Twilight Tattoo ceremony, Washington, D.C., June 6.

On anniversary of D-Day invasion, Army recognizes WWII vets in Nation's Capital


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