Emerging Reserve Component Contingency Expeditionary Force Training

Monday June 4, 2012

What is it?

First Army provides training and readiness support to Reserve Component (RC) Contingency Expeditionary Forces (CEF) to provide combatant commanders with a predictable, prioritized and flexible mission capability. Similar to active component units, RC units provide a full range of mission capabilities and are ready to deploy to any global contingency. CEF units are available to participate in combatant commander training exercises and Theater Security Cooperation events around the globe based on mission demand.

What has the Army done?

As the Army rebalances the force and the Army Force Generation process matures, First Army is postured as Forces Command's executing agent to provide long-term training and readiness support to our nation's RC CEF force. First Army is a supporting command for training RC CEF units and leverages training support resources and enablers across all components and external organizations to synchronize efforts to effectively and efficiently advise, assist and train RC CEF units. The established training goal for RC CEF units is to achieve company level proficiency and BCT/BDE/BN staff proficiency upon entering the Available Force Pool and then sustain those readiness levels while in the Available Force Pool. This strategy allows for training at home station, regional training centers and mobilization training centers nationwide.

What efforts does the Army plan to continue in the future?

Despite budget cuts, our RC formations will remain strong, relevant and critical enablers in the evolving CEF strategy. Beginning in FY 13, First Army will support a growing number of collective training events annually (based on the projected RC CEF load) ranging from Brigade Combat Team exercises and Combat Training Center rotations to functional/multi-functional brigade level exercises and command post exercises. First Army trainer/mentors will continue to support collective training exercises conducted at RC home station locations during the unit's monthly battle/training assembly periods and annual training periods. First Army will continue to provide trained and ready forces supporting today's requirements and tomorrow's contingencies.

Why is this important to the Army?

The Army has come to rely upon its RC forces as an operational reserve to help fulfill the requirements of combatant commanders. First Army balances RC training support capabilities between current deployed expeditionary forces and emerging CEF training requirements, while maintaining the capability to meet surge mobilization requirements. First Army CEF training support increases readiness for RC units; improves pre-deployment readiness, visibility and reporting; sustains a predicable CEF support strategy; and reinforces the Army's Soldier/leader development programs.


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