Off Duty Safety Awareness Presentation

Wednesday May 23, 2012

What is it?

The Off Duty Safety Awareness Presentation (ODSAP) is a highly informative safety presentation containing statistics, contributing factors and other relevant information regarding off-duty accidents. Developed for use at battalion level and below, the presentation comes complete with embedded videos and speaker notes. The speaker notes may be used as is or modified to fit a particular presentation style or reflect unit-specific accident trends.

What has Army Safety done?

The ODSAP was originally developed in 2008 to address an increase in fatal off-duty accidents. Annual updates to the presentation are designed to make Soldiers aware of off-duty hazards they may face and include them in the solution to our Army's most pressing safety issues. The materials and statistics contained in the presentation enhance safety awareness for numerous off-duty activities as well as home safety, and address risky behaviors and the impact of fatigue and alcohol.

Why is this important to the Army?

On average, the Army loses the equivalent of a company-sized formation in off-duty accidents each year. This tragic loss of life affects our combat readiness every bit as much as a loss resulting from an accident occurring on duty. Awareness and application of appropriate safety measures while involved in off-duty activities can preserve the lives of our Soldiers and their family members.

What does Army Safety have planned for the future?

Off duty safety awareness, coupled with the five-step composite risk management process, must be at the heart of every Soldier's plans. The ODSAP is an evolving set of useful materials, and user feedback is critical to the development of future revisions. Users are encouraged to submit comments to helpdesk..


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"Everyone was very positive and I could sense the excitement everywhere as the games get closer. I also learned that everything is on-the-record. One reporter put away his notepad and recorder and we still talked briefly and everything we discussed ended up in a story. The story was very positive. I am not complaining, but it was a valuable learning experience for sure. Plus anytime I get a chance to tell my Army story and help inspire other veterans wounded in combat, it's a good thing."

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