New Partnership Links Soldiers to Employers

Thursday May 17, 2012

What is it?

The Employer Partnership of the Armed Forces (EPAF) is a Department of Defense program created to link America's employers with some of America's finest employees - service members and their families. The free partnership program helps leverage military training and experience for better career opportunities in today's civilian job market and is available to all military reserve members, veterans, and their families. Geographically dispersed Program Support Managers help Soldiers find suitable employment by posting information about job fairs and offering assistance with job applications, resume creation and interview skills improvement.

What has the Army done?

First Army, as the U.S. Army Forces Command (FORSCOM) executing agent for demobilization, has leveraged the resources of EPAF to assist redeploying reserve component Soldiers in their search for suitable employment when they return from worldwide deployments. First Army now includes the Employer Partnership (EP) in the demobilization process as part of a multi-year effort focusing on Soldier care during redeployment. Soldiers processing through First Army-managed demobilization sites will find EP representatives available to help Soldiers link their military training and experience to civilian career opportunities with national, regional and local employer partners.

What efforts does the Army plan to continue in the future?

First Army is dedicated to complete Soldier care during the demobilization process, even though the Army is entering a period defined by shrinking resources. As a free service, EP will play a critical role in helping reserve component Soldiers return to their families and integrate back into the local work community. As the EPAF program matures, additional resources and tools may be identified to enhance and expand the program by including externship, internship, and training partnerships.

Why is this important to the Army?

Reserve component Soldiers returning from deployments can face multiple challenges as they transition from being a full-time Soldier to a full-time citizen. First Army and EP seek to mitigate some of the stress caused by lack of employment or under employment of returning Soldiers. This unique partnership offers business owners the opportunity to hire highly skilled Soldiers and allows both the military and the civilian employer the ability to realize the benefits inherent to workforce sharing while addressing challenges exclusive to redeploying warrior-citizens. Ultimately, the EPAF makes sense because it leads to better family support and increased RC Soldier and unit readiness, while strengthening America's workforce. EPAF is a solid investment for businesses and for our nation.


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Medal of Honor: Spc. 4 Leslie H. Sabo, Jr.

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Senior Leaders are Saying

"This month, we'll begin to mark the 50th anniversary of the Vietnam War, a time when, to our shame, our veterans did not always receive the respect and the thanks they deserved -- a mistake that must never be repeated. And that's where I want to begin today, because the story of this Medal of Honor reminds us of our sacred obligations to all who serve."

- President Barack Obama, while presenting the the posthumous Medal of Honor, after 42 years and six days, to Spc. Leslie H. Sabo Jr.'s widow, Rose Mary Sabo-Brown, at a White House ceremony, May 16

President presents Medal of Honor to Vietnam hero's widow

What They're Saying

"My heart beams with pride for Leslie because he is finally receiving tribute for his sacrifices and bravery. Along with Leslie, please don't forget the seven other men who lost their lives that fateful day in 1970. They are all heroes to me too."

- Rose Mary Sabo-Brown, widow of U.S. Army Soldier, Vietnam War veteran, and Medal of Honor recipient Spc. 4 Leslie H. Sabo Jr., at the White House ceremony, May 16

President presents Medal of Honor to Vietnam hero's widow


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