Joint Air Operations Command and Control Course

Tuesday May 15, 2012

What is it?

The Joint Air Operations Command and Control Course, or JAOC2C, is a 13-day course that teaches Soldiers how to integrate joint air support with ground operations. This U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command course presents joint command and control processes such as joint air support, airspace management, and air and missile defense. Those processes and systems are used for planning, producing, and executing an air tasking order and airspace control order. The target training audience includes Soldiers assigned to Army service component command/corps/division/brigade combat team staffs, Army air and missile defense command staffs, battlefield coordination detachments, ground/reconnaissance liaison detachments, and observer-controller-trainers assigned to the Mission Command Training Program, maneuver combat training centers and TRADOC centers of excellence.

What has the Army done?

Through an agreement with the other services, the Army ensures a dedicated number of JAOC2C slots are available each course for Soldiers who need more exposure to the operational level of doctrine, organizations and processes.

Upon graduation, Soldiers are awarded the additional skill identifier 5A.

What continued efforts does the Army have planned for the future?

The Army will continue to use formal agreements with the other services to provide tactical- and operational-level commanders a means to fill joint training shortfalls, improve joint interoperability, and educate Soldiers to leverage and integrate air component capabilities. Additionally, the Army Joint Support Team aggressively works to secure training slots that may go unfilled by other services.

Why is this important to the Army?

The Army's operational concept acknowledges that we will continue to fight as part of a joint force. Recent lessons learned point to air-ground integration as a principle concern while operating in a joint, interagency and multinational environment. To develop the necessary skills to participate in joint force operations, Soldiers must attend joint courses such as JAOC2C to understand how to leverage other service forces and capabilities to support ground operations.


Soldiers can learn more about JAOC2C by contacting their unit training noncommissioned officer or by calling the Army Joint Support Team at DSN 579-7447/6181 or 850-884-7447/6181. Soldiers will use school code 886 when registering for the course in the Army Training Requirements and Resources System.







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Senior Leaders are Saying

"We have economic challenges in this nation, and the military budget reflects those as well, but it's critical that we continue to modernize and give our Soldiers the best possible equipment, the best possible platforms with which they can do the hard work of freedom in to the future. Key to that is doing it effectively, yes, but also doing it efficiently. And this NIE is a critical component to make sure that we can, in an affordable way, continue to modernize and give our Soldiers the best available equipment."

- Secretary of the Army John McHugh, stresses the value of the Network Integration Evaluation, or NIE, during a visit to White Sands Missile Range, N.M.

Leaders say Network Integration Evaluation improving Army acquisition

What They're Saying

"Service to your nation is an individual choice, to be part of something greater than yourself. Service to the nation is not limited to a position you hold, an office you occupy, or an organization in which you are a member. Service to the nation is a sense of belonging, an aspiration to help, a desire to make your community, town, state, or country better."

- Gen. David M. Rodriguez, U.S. Army Forces Command commanding general, after swearing in 10 ROTC cadets as Army second lieutenants at Eastern Kentucky University in Richmond, Ky., May 4.

Rodriguez commissions new officers, addresses graduates, honors Wounded Warrior

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