Army Explores the Human Dimension during Unified Quest

Thursday April 12, 2012

What is it?

The "Human Dimension Workshop," to be held April 17-20 in Fort Bragg, N.C., is the next in the series of war games and seminars known as Unified Quest, the Army chief of staff's annual program that examines issues and challenges of the future force. The human dimension concept encompasses the moral, physical and cognitive components of Soldier, leader and organizational development. Rather than viewing individuals as commodities, the human dimension concept helps the Army take a more personable approach to shaping its most valuable asset - its people.

What has the Army done?

Every concept within the Army acknowledges the Soldier as the focal point, as the centerpiece of the Army. However, no concept adequately addressed the Human Dimension until TRADOC published The U.S. Army Concept for the Human Dimension in Full Spectrum Operations 2015-2024 in June 2008. Largely because of the ideas in this concept, the Army established the Comprehensive Soldier Fitness cell in the Army operations staff to address stress, resilience and a host of other issues impacting Soldier well-being and health.

What continued efforts does the Army have planned for the future?

Human Dimension workshop participants will make recommendations to senior Army leaders on staffing and retention policies; optimizing training, education, and leader development; integrating Comprehensive Soldier Fitness and the Department of Defense's Total Fitness taxonomy; and capitalizing on what science and technology have to offer to improve Soldiers' performance. The Army will incorporate these recommendations into the revision of the Human Dimension Concept for publication in fall 2012.

Why is this important to the Army?

As the Army transitions to 2020, accessions and retention in the all-volunteer force will be increasingly difficult. Programs, policies and retention programs will need to address the cognitive, physical and moral issues of the future force. This workshop will answer crucial questions on how the Army can improve its efforts in accessions, assignments, training and education, and resilience to strengthen and maintain the all-voluntary Army. By exploring human dimension components, the Army will improve combat effectiveness and adaptability to provide the trained and resilient ready forces the nation needs to meet future challenges.


The U.S. Army Concept for the Human Dimension in Full Spectrum Operations 2015-2024 (PDF)

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Senior Leaders are Saying

"Leader development [is] ... a mutually shared responsibility between the institutional Army, operational force and the individual."

- Gen. Robert W. Cone, commanding general, U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command

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"Re-enlistment is a privilege, not a right. Only the best deserving Soldiers will remain as part of this superb Army team. Soldiers need to take timely actions if they truly want to continue this journey. They must continue to seek self-improvements professionally and personally. The Army wants to retain the best Soldiers to become tomorrow's senior leaders."

-Sgt. Maj. Luis Rivera, command career counselor at Maneuver Center of Excellence, Fort Benning, Ga.

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