National Guard Financial Management Awareness Program

Thursday January 5, 2012

What is it?

The National Guard Bureau's Financial Management Awareness Program (FMAP) was established in September 2009 by the Chief National Guard Bureau under the authority of 10 USC § 992, a statute mandating consumer education for service members and their families. FMAP provides access to services and tools that help them obtain and maintain positive financial health. Financial Readiness Programs and Consumer Advocacy Services are available within every state.

What has the ARNG done?

The National Guard Bureau (NGB) has established a program via Joint Services Support to educate National Guard members and their families on various types of financial factors. In addition, a weekly newsletter highlights the critical aspects of financial health.

The FMAP program offers educational and counseling services by personal financial counselors and by Military OneSource representatives helping Soldiers and families increase personal readiness and reduce financial stressors. These services include life-cycle education program, personal financial training in basic combat training and advanced individual training, mandatory personal financial readiness training for first-term Soldiers, promotion points for attending personal financial readiness classes, and online financial training.

What continuing efforts does the ARNG have planned?

Army National Guard plans to continue to advocate for the NGB to the Defense Department, Departments of the Army and Air Force, Joint Family Support Assistance Program, Military OneSource, and state National Guard Joint Force Headquarters and units for consumer education and financial services matters. The NGB plans to continue to enhance and popularize the use of Personal Financial Management Training. Training emphasizes a practical approach to financial management so participants gain control over their finances and manage money more effectively. Training provides service members and their families with the tools to handle money wisely and to make informed purchasing decisions.

Why is this important to the Army?

Soldiers who experience financial difficulties can lose a security clearance and be subject to disciplinary action for failure to pay debts. The stress and anxiety that indebtedness causes on Soldiers and their families can take a toll on Soldiers, families, and careers. Military personnel who are financially sound and stable are more likely to succeed in combat and be mission capable.

In accordance with DODI 1342.47, service members are responsible for their personal finances and are expected to handle financial obligations in a timely manner. DOD has mandated that service members and their families have access to personal financial management programs, services and counseling, and that the priority of financial training efforts be toward junior enlisted members and their families.


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