Continuum of Service in the United States Army Reserve

Wednesday January 4, 2012

What is it?

Continuum of Service (CoS)is a human capital management strategy that facilitates the transition of Soldiers between active and reserve components, and civilian employment. CoS preserves the Department of Defense (DOD) and the Army investment in its human capital. This effort will enable the Army to expand and contract as necessary based on the strategic environment at any given time. CoS provides flexible service options and varying levels of participation to meet an individual's career and family needs, facilitating a lifetime of service - A Soldier for Life.

What has the Army / Army Reserve achieved?

Today's Army Reserve provides a reservoir of key enablers that have become an indispensable part of the Total Force.
We have worked in conjunction with DOD and congressional leadership to enact legislation that allows better access to the Army Reserve for domestic response missions and unnamed operations / theater security cooperation missions worldwide.

What is planned for the future?

The Army Reserve has identified policies and laws that impede movement between components and has developed a strategy to implement a new personnel management system to meet the needs of an enduring operational force.
The Army Reserve's prior service recruiting mission will take precedence as the Army draws down. We will work with the active component (AC) to ensure incentives for key specialties are incorporated into this process and that transitioning Soldiers are made aware of their option to continue to serve in the Army Reserve.
The Army Reserve Careers Division will provide on-site support personnel at Army transition points, and through advertising and marketing efforts develop awareness of continued service options in the reserve component.
The Employer Partnership Program has a proven track record of helping facilitate civilian employment for Soldiers and their families. Transitioning AC Soldiers can access the more than 626,483 job vacancy listings from 2657 employer partners within the Employer Partnership Program of the Armed Forces, powered by the Army Reserve.

Why is this important?

Working together, the Total Force can integrate processes and systems for seamless transitions and portability of benefits, thereby establishing efficiencies and making the force responsive to changing security needs.


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Senior Leaders are Saying

"By getting the mission done and doing it safely, today's leaders are setting a superb example for the Soldiers in their charge, especially those who will assume leadership roles in the future."

- Brig. Gen. William Wolf, commander, United States Army Combat Readiness/ Safety Center

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