2011 Army Lean Six Sigma Excellence Awards

Friday December 2, 2011

What is it?

On November 29th, the Under Secretary of the Army, the Honorable Dr. Joseph W. Westphal and Lt. Gen. William Grisoli, Director of the Office of Business Transformation (OBT), presented awards to winners at the fourth annual Lean Six Sigma (LSS) Excellence Award Program (LEAP) ceremony in the Hall of Heroes, Pentagon.

The Program was approved in July 2008 by the Secretary of the Army and Chief of Staff, Army. The LEAP Award Program is intended to recognize individuals and organizations who demonstrate excellence in building, sustaining, and implementing results-driven process improvement projects.

Leaders and practioners, such as the awardees, are the backbone of successful process improvements within the Army. The collaboration of all leadership is a demonstration of an Army effort to address process rework, increase the completion rate of tasks, and improve the quality of the work that is conducted. The bottom line is that the warfighter, defenders of freedom, of an expeditionary Army at war benefits from the effort demonstrated through these process improvements and this is what is of greatest importance.

What has the Army done?

With the 1,546 LSS project completed during fiscal year 2011, the Army's LSS practitioners have generated almost $1.8B in cost savings and a total of $7.8B mainly in cost avoidances. These financial benefits translate to supporting our Soldiers and their families with stronger processes and quicker results with fewer mistakes.

Why is LSS important to the Army?

LSS as a tool of choice in the Army Campaign Plan helps the Army meet the efficiency savings goals established by the Secretary of the Army. These savings will be realized by using LSS to transform organizations, management practices, and systems that have created inefficiencies and waste.

LSS uses a set of data-driven tools to improve operational and organizational processes. Applied to the Army, this total systems approach encourages enterprise-wide synergy. Typically, processes that seem localized and self-contained start to spread across the organization and require total Army Leadership support. By embracing the enterprise approach, the Army can continue to benefit from and duplicate the success of LSS as a business organization, institution, and culture. The LEAP Awards, as a part of the Army's LSS program, are helping the Army be better stewards of the taxpayer dollars.


U.S. Army's Office of Buisness Transformation
2011 LEAP winners (pdf)
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Senior Leaders are Saying

"I am a big supporter of Lean/Six Sigma because I think it does give us a way ahead. It is always a learning process, it builds sustainability within our business processes so that future leaders, future managers can benefit from the success of all of you today and we can continue to learn and move those processes forward."

- Under Secretary of the Army Joseph W. Westphal, supporting the Lean and Six Sigma Awards during a ceremony at the Pentagon to recognize winners in the 2011 Army Lean/Six Sigma Excellence Awards Program

LEAP award winners lauded at Pentagon ceremony

What They're Saying

"There are a lot of service members ... who are suffering silently, with the wounds of war ... There are many veterans who have exited the military who are struggling with getting help, struggling with recognizing issues that they have. We really want them and the general society to know the vastness of the problem and ... the light that exists in spite of disabilities, physical and psychological disabilities."

- Luis Carlos Montalván, a wounded Soldier, proponent for sufferers of post-traumatic stress disorder and author, at the Pentagon Library, Nov. 30, 2011, while speaking about his experiences documented in "Until Tuesday," hopes for his book to provide guidance to the others to seek help.

Man's best friend helps him deal with PTSD


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