Warrior Care Month

Thursday November 3, 2011

What is it?

Warrior Care Month, initiated in 2008, is observed during November. While we care for Soldiers each and every day, observing Warrior Care Month allows us to set aside one month each year to highlight the many ways the Army keeps Soldiers and their families healthy and safe.

Most people think of the combat injured when they hear the term 'warrior care'. Clearly, there is no greater or higher calling than helping these men and women heal. Warrior care is also prevention of illnesses and accidents; having the best protective gear; maintaining a strong medical readiness posture, investing in research, and knowing the best trained medics in the world are standing shoulder-to-shoulder with Soldiers on the battlefield.

What is the Army doing?

Across the Army during November, Army Warrior Transition Unit (WTUs) leaders will host open houses, media days, adaptive sports events, professional development sessions, and celebrate openings of Warrior Transition Complexes. Local communities and organizations will honor Soldiers for their service and sacrifice throughout the month, especially on Veterans Day and Thanksgiving. Wounded, ill and injured Soldiers from WTUs will engage local community groups, sharing their personal experiences from health care to training, education and employment. In the Pentagon there will be a wheelchair basketball game on Nov.18 and seated volleyball tournaments on Nov. 22, demonstrating the strength and resilience of our wounded, ill and injured - Active, Guard and Reserve.

Across the Army, leaders and WTU Soldiers will engage with men and women who don't wear the uniform, but who support and care for our Soldiers and their families - the Veterans Administration, Congress, Veteran and military organizations, non-profits, corporate America, local communities and individual citizens. Warrior Care Month is a time to recognize these people who make up the "sea of goodwill" in the United States and acknowledge their contributions to warrior care.

What continued efforts does the Army have planned?

Warrior Care Month 2011 is being executed locally in Army communities - everywhere. Check your local installation and community newspapers to learn about upcoming events. Follow the month-long observance on Warrior Transition Command website and blog, and share your thoughts on Facebook and Twitter.


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Senior Leaders are Saying

"The lesson of the Japanese-American experience is that fear and prejudice make our country weaker, not stronger. Japanese-Americans, like others, have more than earned their place in our country, in our Army, and in our society -- a melting pot to include African-Americans, Hispanic-Americans and today, Arab-Americans."

- Army Chief of Staff Gen. Raymond T. Odierno, commending the service of the Japanese-American Soldiers at the World War II Nisei Veterans Program National Veterans Network tribute to the 100th Infantry Battalion, 442nd Regimental Combat Team and Military Intelligence Service, in Washington, D.C., Nov. 1, 2011.

40 Bronze Stars awarded to Japanese-American vets

What They're Saying

"We have defeated the Taliban and we are now moving into training the Afghan security forces. We are securing the people and have empowered the Afghan government and we must now remain vigilant."

-Lt. Col. Michael Katona, commander of 4th Squadron, 4th Cavalry Regiment, 1st Heavy Brigade Combat Team, via video teleconference from Afghanistan, shares the success of accomplishment of the mission of separating the insurgency from the people, eroding their resources and hindering their capabilities.

Taliban 'against the ropes'


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