Senior Leader Seminar - A New Army Leader Development Course

Thursday August 25, 2011

What is it?

The Senior Leader Seminar (SLS) is an Army Leader Development initiative to educate and broaden senior officers and Army civilians for service at the national level. The pilot course, executed by the Army War College, launches this week for selected Army colonels and senior Army civilians who are, or will be, assigned to key positions as advisors and staff officers for general officers and senior civilian leaders.SLS participants are poised to advance to strategic leadership positions with the Army.

The pilot course, at the DoD Executive Management Training Center, Southbridge, MA, features strategic level commentators from military, interagency, inter-governmental, think tank, media, and academic communities who will address contemporary and future Army and National-level issues.

The Army War College's Center for Strategic Leadership developed the course, and facilitates small group sessions that explore the unique nature of advising and preparing senior leaders to work strategic-level issues, policies, and processes.

What has the Army done?

The Army developed the Senior Leader Seminar initiative as part of a comprehensive effort to address gaps in senior leader development and to help achieve Army Leader Development Strategy Imperative 8 - prepare select leaders for responsibility at the national level. This pilot course is designed to improve the abilities of senior Army leaders to navigate the political landscape effectively while engaging in national security policy and strategy development, and to therefore more effectively serve our Army, joint force commanders and our nation.

Why is this important to the Army?

Senior Army Leaders asked the Army War College to design an educational experience that prepares leaders to operate on political terrain in the Joint, Interagency, Inter-governmental and Multinational [JIIM] environment; improves cross-cultural savvy and agility; and deepens understanding of strategic issues affecting Army and National policies.

What continued efforts does the Army have planned?

Upon completion of the pilot, CG TRADOC will determine the future of the SLS program. If approved, the Army War College will conduct the SLS course twice annually for up to 90 participants per course; the Senior Leader Development office, HQDA administers selections.

The SLS is intended to be both a broadening and an educational experience for selected senior officers and DA civilians. Feedback will be gathered from participants to develop recommendations for the future of the program.


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Senior Leaders are Saying

"Ulchi Freedom Guardian is a defensive exercise designed to enhance the interoperability of the Republic of Korea and U.S. military forces and integration of UNC sending state forces, while enhancing the combat readiness of the Alliance."

- Maj. Gen. Sanford E. Holman, commanding general of the 200th MP Command

Ulchi Freedom Guardian underway in Korea

What They're Saying

"Honestly, I have to say that everyone on the base deserves great kudos, because it could be two in the morning and you will still get 30 or 40 Soldiers showing up trying to give their blood to help out whoever is on the table. They don't know if it's a U.S. Soldier, a Jordanian soldier, Afghan National Army, Afghan National Police, a local national. They don't discriminate. -- people still show up."

- Sgt. Ashley Richards, operating room specialist for the 1982nd Forward Surgical Team

Forward Surgical Team keeps Soldiers in the fight


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