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Tuesday August 2, 2011

What is it?

Army Career Tracker (ACT) is a new Army web portal created to change significantly the way training, education and experiential learning support is provided to Army enlisted, officer, civilian, and their leaders/supervisors. Users can search multiple education and training resources, monitor career development and receive advice from their leadership. Additionally, ACT will allow the user to:
Identify training activities and requirements based on tailored Career Management Field, Career Field and Career Program Maps.
Track individual progress of Individualized Development Plan (IDP) goals.
View multiple skill and competency career progressions across multiple career maps.
Search multiple training catalogs and educational resources.
Connect with peers through My Journal knowledge collaboration. ACT will include Supervisor and Career Program Manager dashboard functionality as well.
Provide an unofficial “lifelong learning transcript” that represents the accumulation of all assignment, training, and education accomplishments by the user.

What has the Army done?

On June 13, 2011, ACT was deployed to the Enlisted Force (AC/RC) across Career Management Fields (CMFs) 18, 25, 37, 38, 88, 27, 92, 31, 74, & 12, and by July, 28,000 unique users had accessed ACT across those CMFs. ACT is now being customized for Army Civilian career fields. ACT is personalized for all users based on their Career Programs and developmental requirements.

ACT provides single-site, easy access and offers a complete and personalized career picture not available until now. It provides tools for the user to search, see, understand, and act upon essential education and training information when they want it.

Why is this important to the Army?

As part of the 2011 Army Campaign Plan, Army Learning Concept 2015 (ALC 2015) and Civilian Workforce Transformation Initiatives, ACT allows users to manage career objectives and monitor progress towards career requirements and goals. Using the single ACT portal, Army users can search multiple catalogs and quickly locate training and education resources.

What’s planned or the future?

ACT is being deployed in five releases: :
Release 1 - Enlisted (June 2011)
Release 2 - Civilians (August 2011)
Release 3 - Recruiter Functionalities (September 2011)
Release 4 - Staff Role Functionalities (September 2011)
Release 5 - Officers (September 2011)

Future phased releases will provide access for additional CMFs, civilian career programs, and Army National Guard states. Recruiters, Officers and Staff Roles will also be provided additional functionalities in subsequent releases.

AKO log-in required:
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