The 360-Degree Logistics Readiness Dashboard

Wednesday August 17, 2011

What is it?

360° Logistics Readiness is an HQDA G-4 initiative to provide visibility of assets and key logistics processes that impact materiel readiness across the Army enterprise. Supporting Business Intelligence (BI) tools and reports were generated for each indicator area to enable user friendly access and analysis of information found in the Logistics Information Warehouse (LIW,) the Army's authoritative logistics data repository.

What has been done?

360° Logistics Readiness provides dashboards for supply Classes VII " Major Items " and IX " Repair Parts. Ten interactive BI reports have been deployed to the LIW and are available Army wide to support visibility and performance management for the following areas:
Class VII Enterprise Inventory Visibility--Quantity on hand and ownership information for Army major items across the enterprise (wholesale, retail, in-transit)
Class VII Unit Receipt Tracking -- Assess timeliness of major item issue/fielding processes from wholesale organizations to ensure accountability is maintained
Class VII Retrograde -- Visibility of items in Retrograde pipeline and assessment of the timeliness of shipments returning from Theaters
Class VII Unit Materiel Readiness -- Assess the serviceability of Army SORTs fleets
Class VII Sustainment Base Production -- Assess planned production versus actual for major item depot programs
Class VII Army Equipment Loss -- Visibility of Army Equipment losses and timeliness of disposition instructions
Class IX Enterprise Inventory Visibility -- Quantity on hand and ownership information for Army repair parts and components across the enterprise
Class IX Non Mission Capable Supply -- Visibility and analysis of repair parts dead-lining major items
Class IX Readiness Supply Performance -- Assess how the supply chain is performing for critical repair parts impacting system readiness
Class IX Secondary Item Production -- Assess planned production versus actual for Class IX reparable programs.

Why is this important to the Army?

It provides "point and click" analysis of data to support the operational/tactical logistician's business information needs.

What continued effort does the Army have planned for the future?

To get started, users must first establish an account with LOGSA by going to the following website: Logistics Information Warehouse and follow the instructions for gaining access.

Multimedia training videos are also available, and can be distributed via CD or streamed over a web link by contacting the Logistics Innovation Agency.







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Senior Leaders are Saying

"We have taken some rather dramatic [budget] hits in what we call the generating force … We need to bring the generating force back in balance."

-Joseph W. Westphal, the 30th under secretary of the Army and the service's chief management officer, emphasizing the significant increase in the size of the force to meet the demands of combat operations.

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What They're Saying

"We have to make sure the Soldiers are well protected. There's a security system in place, and it meets the needs of the extra traffic, both vehicular and foot, across the camps. The movement has been an aggressive mission, one with very tight time lines and challenges across the board. This has been a very exciting, very challenging and very rewarding time so far."

- Lt. Col. Martin Snider, commander, Base Support Battalion " North, speaks of the monumental movement of USF-I to Kuwait as part of the Iraq Drawdown

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