U.S. Army Enterprise Strategic Management System

Tuesday August 16, 2011

What is it?

The Strategic Management System (SMS) is a performance management tool available to all Army organizations and components. Available since 2006, SMS is a web-based application secured through CAC authentication that meets Army needs to track performance and mission objectives on both classified and unclassified networks. Organizations define strategy via their core mission, strategic goals and objectives; and then SMS provides the framework necessary for leaders to maintain situational awareness of strategic performance. SMS also has the ability to automatically connect to authoritative data sources and decrease the amount of organizational effort devoted to information gathering which allows users to instead focus efforts on analysis and resource allocation.

What has the Army done?

The Office of Business Transformation (OBT) made the investment to upgrade this Army capability to provide its customer base the most recent technologies. Version 2.4 includes all the Army-specified capabilities found in the current version and many new enhancements such as easier navigation, a blog-like comment capability, briefings that automatically update over time, customizable dashboards and more robust visual displays. The upgrade will also include several new metric (or key performance indicator) types and the ability to initiate a warning when a metric is under performing.

What continued efforts does the Army have planned?

The Army intends to field this upgrade and engage in an intensive education program for existing and new users. Training includes traditional instruction methods, such as in-person and online training plus new features like computer based training modules and social network peer-to-peer assistance.

Why is this important to the Army?

Deployed effectively, performance management increases accountability and understanding of an organization’s goals; as well as improves transparency, communication and collaboration. By enabling commands to use the same performance management software enterprise-wide, SMS is more economically sound and efficient than having each organization define, develop, purchase and implement their own application.

The Army license allows all organizations to use the software and store data at no cost as well as take advantage of the helpdesk, education program, and database automation assistance. This new version of SMS offers more ways to create performance metrics and better ways to display them for decision makers. As the Army enters a period of aggressive strategic enterprise decision-making, the SMS is uniquely capable of providing leaders and managers a platform on which to envision, build, deploy and track performance execution.


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Senior Leaders are Saying

"We’re not just asking people to change the way they budget. We’re asking them to change the way they think."

- Secretary of the Army John McHugh, on the creation of the Institutional Army Transformation Commission, a panel charged with finding new ways to make the Army a more "agile, cost-effective organization."

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What They're Saying

"If I were king for a day, every Soldier in the Army would receive this kind of training ... Regardless of what your background is or what your job is in the military, close-quarter marksmanship is a skill you need with the kind of wars we are fighting today."

- Command Sgt. Maj. Kurt Reed, the top enlisted Soldier with 307th BSB, speaking highly about the Special Forces Combat Management Marksmanship Skills training program.

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