Army National Guard G1 Personnel Gateway

Monday August 15, 2011

What is it?

The Army National Guard (ARNG) G1 Personnel Gateway is a new centralized location for ARNG human resources (HR) information including benefit and support resources for Soldiers and families. Active-duty Soldiers can use the site to learn more about transitioning into the ARNG to continue their service and earn points toward retirement. In support of overseas contingency operations, Active-component Army leaders and HR professionals can use the Gateway to understand ARNG HR systems and processes and obtain current information about ARNG and all component programs.

The website features:
Information for Soldiers and their Families families (including career management resources, deployment support guides, financial tools, descriptions of medical and educational benefits, as well as employment programs).
Tools for HR professionals (including policy libraries and process guides with a printable package of information outlining details of a process with related guidance, regulations, and forms).
Resources regarding ARNG programs, benefits, and processes (including documents and forms, quick guides for accessing services, training information, and answers to FAQs).

What has the Army National Guard done?

National Guard Bureau personnel, ARNG Soldiers from several states, DOD civilians, and contractors contributed their expertise to develop Gateway content. The resulting tools offer a comprehensive overview of ARNG benefits, programs, and processes including points of contact and links to regulations, documents, and forms.

The Gateway also houses collaboration sites for the Military Personnel Advisory Committee (MILPAC) and its subcommittees. These sites are common access card (CAC)-enabled and provide a forum to track issues and priorities. Users can find tools such as calendars, announcements, and document libraries to improve communication among MILPAC regions.

Why is this important to the Army?

The ARNG G1 Personnel Gateway allows the ARNG to distribute priorities, initiatives, and best practices. An easily accessible resource, the Gateway connects Guard Soldiers and their Families families to the ARNG community and promotes programs that support readiness and well-being. By providing access to support services, the Gateway helps alleviate the unique challenges Citizen citizen Soldiers face as they balance their civilian lives with their Guard duties. The Gateway provides the potential for developing and distributing information pertinent to all three Army Components for Joint joint operations. This site also provides resources for career planning especially for the many Soldiers who transition from one Component to another.

What is planned for the future?

The Gateway content development team continues to add new tools and information to improve the site and enhance the ARNG ability to coordinate within the organization and communicate with stakeholders. Users are invited to submit feedback and recommendations for new content and tools.


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Senior Leaders are Saying

"It will send a clear and reassuring signal to the region that Afghanistan will not be abandoned, and that the United States remains committed to regional peace and stability. We are determined to see this partnership become a reality, so that in the future Afghanistan is safe, stable, peaceful and secure."

- Michael D. Lumpkin, acting assistant secretary of defense for special operations and low-intensity conflict, at the Ministry of Defense Advisors Program first-anniversary conference, emphasized the recent transfer of security responsibility to Afghan forces in seven areas of Afghanistan as an enduring sign of U.S.-Afghan relationship building.

[ Official reports security progress in Afghanistan](<>)

What They're Saying

"Being a female in a combat zone is no different. The male Soldiers treat us the same as everyone else. We are not special, and we are included as indispensable parts of the team."

- 1st Lt. Kimberly Jung, former platoon leader of the 535th Engineer Support Company charged with the mission in eastern Afghanistan, emphasizing that females are considered both equal and vital parts of the units.

Females lead way for route clearance patrols


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