Army Emergency Relief Annual Campaign

Tuesday March 1, 2011

What is it?

The Army Emergency Relief (AER) Annual Campaign is conducted from March 1st through May 15th each year in order to increase Soldier awareness of this valuable benefit as well as to offer Soldiers the opportunity to help their fellow Soldiers by making a donation to AER.

AER is a private nonprofit organization incorporated in 1942 to relieve distress of Soldiers and their dependents. Today AER provides financial assistance to Soldiers and their families in the form of interest-free loans and grants in support of a variety of needs to include:

- Emergency assistance such as rent, food, travel, car repair, funeral, medical and dental expenses.
- Children and spouse scholarships
- Grants to Soldiers medically evacuated from Operations Enduring Freedom and Iraqi Freedom
- Support to families of fallen Soldiers

AER assistance is available to Soldiers and their families wherever they are located and the amount of assistance is only limited by the amount of the valid need. Soldiers and their family members requiring AER assistance should contact their chain of command or local AER office. Under the AER Command Referral Program, company commanders and first sergeants have the authority to approve AER loans to their Soldiers up to $1,000. Based on reciprocal agreements, Soldiers and families not near an AER office can seek assistance from the Air Force Aid Society, Navy Marine Corps Relief Society, and Coast Guard Mutual Assistance on their respective bases or seek assistance from the local chapter of the American Red Cross.

What has the Army done?

In 2010, the Army and AER disbursed more than $77 million in financial assistance to over 66,000 active and retired Soldiers and families to meet emergency financial and educational assistance needs.

What continued efforts does the Army have planned for the future?

The Army supports AER and its annual AER campaign through mission, installation, and garrison commanders and CSMs personally attending campaign kick-off events to increase awareness and offer Soldiers the opportunity to donate to AER. In addition to the annual campaign, AER accepts unsolicited donations from individual donors and corporations at anytime.

Why is it important to the Army?

Soldiers and their families should not be disadvantaged in time of financial need because of a lack of awareness of AER's policies and programs. Army Emergency Relief is dedicated to "Helping the Army Take Care of Its Own" and provides Army leaders a valuable asset in ensuring a ready source of financial assistance to Soldiers and their families.


For more information on programs and policies visit Army Emergency Relief





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2010-2013: 60th Anniversary of the Korean War

2011: 150th Anniversary of the Civil War

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"Frank Buckles' passing Sunday represents not only the loss of our nation's only surviving veteran of World War I, it signals the closing of a chapter in our Army's history. Mr. Buckles courageously answered the call to serve our nation during a time of great need, a call still heard by young men and women nearly a century later. His continued service and commitment to his fellow veterans of "The Great War" through his advocacy for a national memorial exemplified the proud legacy of our Army and our nation. As we mourn his loss, we celebrate his life and are thankful for his service. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family."

- Message from Secretary of the Army John McHugh and Chief of Staff of the Army Gen. George W. Casey Jr., on the passing of Mr. Frank Buckles, the last WW1 veteran.

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"We have an ongoing relationship with Kuwait, supporting the mutual interests of our two countries and helping develop both our capabilities to make the Middle East and the world a better place."

- Lt. Col. John Rogers, Third Army chief of operations, speaking about the participation of U.S. sevicemembers in the Kuwait's 50-20 parade, was to help commemorate two significant milestones in Kuwait's history while highlighting its commitment to Kuwait and its partners in the region

US Army participates in Kuwait's 50-20 parade

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