Full Spectrum Aviation: Resilient and Adaptive for the Future Security Environment

Friday January 14, 2011

What is it?

Full Spectrum Aviation is the ability to deliver maximum aviation capabilities in the most timely and flexible manner to the warfighter. Full Spectrum Aviation provides the Army a balanced ability to deliver the combat, combat support, and combat service support, while maximizing efficiencies in training, maintenance and support across Army Aviation.

What has the Army done?

Army Aviation has been restructured to align it with the task and purpose of formations, improve readiness, and enhance reserve component readiness by streamlining the mobilization process and increasing our investment in training. The Army is using aviation as the combat multiplier to fill gaps from the withdrawal of ground forces by enabling the remaining forces to respond faster, by providing supporting fires, and through manned/unmanned teaming to provide better sensor operations.

What continued efforts does the Army have planned for the future?

The Army continues to develop and integrate manned and unmanned aviation, both intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) and maneuver, into a single, cohesive combat capability and into the same airspace. Technology will continue to improve and demands from commanders in the field will continue to increase. Moreover, the Army is reviewing the design of the Full Spectrum Combat Aviation Brigade (FS CAB) to optimize the future aviation force in support of Army forces generation (ARFORGEN). Ultimately, the Army is working hard to address capability gaps that will exist out past 2020 and exploring future vertical lift technologies to complement existing capabilities across the Force.

Why is this important to the Army?

Army Aviation, as a key enabler and critical to the overall success of the Army's mission. It is the most sought after combat multiplier on the battlefield today. As a force, Army Aviation is stretched and stressed but able to sustain its current operations tempo (OPTEMPO.) Full Spectrum Aviation responds to lessons learned thus giving the Army greater situational awareness for tactical commanders, enhancing their ability to rapidly assess and respond to threats and changing situations in operations across the spectrum of conflict. The increased reliance on manned and unmanned aircraft systems continues to change the face of modern warfare and in doing so the Army will be more adaptive and ready in the future security environment. Flying more than 4.2 million combat hours over the past nine years Operation Enduring Freedom /Operation Iraqi Freedom/Operation New Dawn (six times the normal mission load prior to 9/11) validates the demand of maintaining a significant deployed presence in combat while addressing the requirements to transform and modernize Army Aviation.


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"You are part of an incredibly, incredibly proud tradition. And I hope that not only your military expertise wears off on our Iraqi friends. I hope they understand and see - and I think they do - the incredible patriotism, the incredible dedication to country, the incredible diversity that we represent: men and women, black and white, Asian, Caucasian, every single mix that exists on Earth, working as one incredible unit to protect the interests of the United States ... This is not only the best-run, but this is the most powerful, significant military force in the history of mankind. And the world knows that, and our citizens know that."

- U.S. Vice President Joe Biden, thanking the servicemembers as well as complimenting the today’s men and women in uniform to represent "the greatest warrior-class the world has ever created,” at Camp Victory, Iraq, Jan. 13, 2011

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"If a Soldier is coming back from downrange and someone's saying something's wrong with you, or different, whether it's family members, a spouse or another Soldier, there might be. You think you know yourself but sometimes someone else sees something different...it's at least worth getting checked out."

- Sgt. Juan Tovar, 630th Military Police Company, who after graduating from the Bamberg mTBI clinic's rehabilitation program in early fall, helped program personnel create realistic training and war zone situations.

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