Domestic Violence Prevention Month

Friday October 15, 2010

What is it?

Domestic Violence Prevention Month is an awareness campaign, developed on the premise that prevention of domestic abuse requires an informed, educated, and motivated Army community willing to team up and to get involved.

What has the Army done?

Domestic violence prevention and awareness posters and informational tools can be accessed online at Army OneSource by clicking on "Family Programs," "Family Advocacy Program" and then "Domestic Violence Prevention." All posters are designed for printing on letter-sized or 11" x 17" paper.

The Army has a comprehensive approach to the prevention of domestic abuse, assuring all members of the Army community have an opportunity to PREPARE for the challenges that often occur in intimate relationships. The Army also provides a broad spectrum of resources everyone can use to PREVENT domestic abuse and develop skills to help restore stability and health if needed. The entire Army community must work together as a team to PROTECT victims and hold offenders accountable when abuse occurs.

Why is it important to the Army?

Through the Army Family Covenant the Army is fully committed to supporting its Families and overcoming any negative forces that diminish their health and well being. Domestic abuse, at any degree of severity, undermines that commitment. As Army families live with multiple stressors, including deployments and their aftermath, conflict and distress, the involvement of the entire Army community is critical.

What continued efforts does the Army have planned for the future?

Policies and programs in the Army are already in existence to support the prevention of domestic abuse, including support groups for young parents, reintegration programs for families experiencing deployment and redeployment stress, marital and premarital counseling, and programs on anger management, dating violence and gender issues.

Prevention plans are designed for high-risk situations to stop further harm and violence once it has occurred. Family Advocacy Victim Advocates, Unit Victim Advocates, New Parent Support-Home Visitors, the Sexual Assault Prevention program are also all in place to decrease the likelihood that violence will recur, by protecting victims and holding offenders accountable. They also provide extended services to address the negative effects of violence and abuse so that individuals, couples and families can be rehabilitated.

Family Advocacy Program's preventive educational programs are a primary resource for Army Families to learn these life skills.


Family MWR Command- Family Programs has established an Army Family Advocacy Program web page on for Soldiers and families with information and awareness campaign resources. The web page makes available resources for New Parent Support -home visitors, victim advocates, transitional compensation and other prevention and educational services.

Family Advocacy Program web page

Document: Policy: Army Regulation 608-18, Army Family Advocacy Program, Oct. 30, 2007





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"…During Domestic Violence Awareness Month, we recognize the tremendous progress made in reducing domestic violence, and we recommit to making everyone's home a safe place for them…"

- President Barack Obama

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