Standardized Full Spectrum Operations Mission Essential Tasks Lists

Tuesday August 31, 2010

What is it?

The Army created standardized Full Spectrum Operations Mission Essential Tasks Lists (FSO METLs) to help selected brigade and higher echelon units identify the minimum fundamental doctrinal tasks they must be prepared to perform in any operational environment. These help ensure unit readiness for deployment

Standardized FSO METLs provide unit leaders the flexibility they need to focus on the specific FSO tasks and conditions that support mission readiness while also creating a yardstick to measure the readiness of like units. Units without standardized FSO METLs develop their METL using FSO principles and command guidance to ensure they nest with the METL of their higher headquarters. Units train and report on one METL: their FSO METL. FSO METL replaces the previous core METL and directed METL concepts.

What has the Army done?

The HQDA has approved 41 FSO METLs. Ten were approved in December 2009, while the additional 31 were approved in May 2010. FSO METLs are tailored for specific unit types. For example, all Infantry Brigade Combat Teams will train and report on the same standardized FSO METL. A unit's FSO METL applies both while training and while deployed, and may be augmented only when the unit is assigned a mission it was not designed to perform.

What does the Army have planned?

The Army METL Review Board will meet again in September to consider FSO METLs for additional units while continuing to refine existing FSO METLs. HQDA will select additional units that require standardized FSO METLs. A key refinement will be to convert Task Groups from Army Universal Task List (AUTL), Army Tactical Tasks (ARTs) to collective tasks with the task, conditions and standards commanders need to plan, prepare, execute and assess unit training.

Why is this important to the Army?

Standardized FSO METLs allow commanders to train the tasks and skills they will need to achieve success in any operational environment, using combinations of offense, defense, and stability operations or civil support. Standardized FSO METLs support the readiness reporting requirements of a modular expeditionary force by comparing the readiness of like units.


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August 2010

* Anti Terrorism Awareness Month

National Immunization Awareness Month*

Aug 31: End of Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF); Transition to Stability Operations

September 2010

*Suicide Prevention Month

National Preparedness Month

Sept 15- Oct 15: National Hispanic Heritage Month*

Sept 1: Operation News Dawn begins

Sept 11: Patriot Day

Sept 25: Gold Star Mother's Day


"We are the best led, the best manned, the best equipped, the best trained, and best supported Army our nation has ever fielded and the best Army in the world because of you. Probably most importantly, you instilled in us the Army values that we try to live up to today...Today's military stands on the shoulders of giants -- your shoulders."

-Lt. Gen. Benjamin Freakley, Fort Knox and Accessions Command commander, emphasizing to the vets, attending the Fort Knox celebration of "Thank you from the Heartland: A Salute to Vietnam Veterans" event, how much today's Army owes them.

At Knox, Vietnam vets get belated welcome home


"I am looking forward to meeting people of Russia and China. We get to interact with the people one-on-one, make friends, exchange American culture, build relationships, and build bridges."

- Staff Sgt. Ronald Strayhorn, percussion player, 25th Inf. Div. Band, excited about the opportunity to travel, with the 25th Infantry Division Band, to China and Russia for ten days to perform at different events and represent the U.S. military.

25th Infantry Division Band to perform in China, Russia


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