Readiness Enterprise Operational Forum

Tuesday May 11, 2010

What is it?

The Readiness Enterprise Operational Forum (REOF) is a means for the G-3, U.S. Army Forces Command to communicate with key partners, such as G-3s at all levels, to share information in a collaborative and cooperative manner to effectively coordinate and improve the Army Force Generation Synchronization Process.

What is the Army doing?

Each month, the FORSCOM G3 hosts a conference call via Defense Collaboration Online to solicit key issues, foster cross-talk and provide updated situational awareness. These 90-minute forums are designed to allow G3s to drive the discussion with their key issues, concerns and other items of mutual concern or interest. There is no requirement for the participants to provide slides or read ahead packets in advance of the scheduled sessions. FORSCOM's REOF staff will capture issues/concerns and disseminate to the appropriate FORSCOM staff for resolution.

Why is this important to the Army?

The REOF supports the collaborative and cooperative nature of the Army Enterprise effort and the commanding general, FORSCOM's role as the Army's designated lead for the Readiness Core Enterprise. The REOF will help inform leaders of issues that may be impacting on the operating and generating forces abilities to prepare trained ready forces. The RCE is one of the Army's four CE's (Readiness, Material, Human Capital, and Services and Infrastructure). According to General Charles C. Campbell, commanding general, FORSCOM, this Army "Enterprise approach" encourages civilian and military leaders to take a holistic view of organizational objectives, processes and resources and empowers them to act cohesively for the good of the entire organization in order to effectively and efficiently generate trained and ready forces for combatant commanders and sustain the All-Volunteer Force. The REOF will help to ensure that a holistic view is maintained through continuous information sharing and collaboration.

What is planned for the future?

- 1st month of each quarter - Readiness Enterprise Senior Commander Partnership Forum- Corps, Division, and Supporting MSE G-3/5/7s from Fort Stewart, Ga., Fort Bragg, N.C., Fort Drum, N.Y., Fort Carson, Colo., Fort Lewis, Wyo., Fort Campbell, Ky., Fort Riley, Kan., Fort Bliss, Texas, and Fort Hood, Texas

- 2nd month of each quarter - Readiness Enterprise Internal Partnership Forum- G3s from NTC, JRTC, 20th SUPCOM, 32d AAMDC, ATSCOM, 164th TAOG and the supporting MSE G3 from Fort Bliss, Texas, and the DPTMS from Aberdeen Proving Grounds.

- 3rd month of each quarter - Readiness Enterprise External Partnership Forum- G3s from Army Service component commands-First Army, U.S. Army Central (Third Army), U.S. Army North (Fifth Army), U.S. Army South (Sixth Army), U.S. Army Europe (Seventh Army), 8th Army, U.S. Army Africa (SETAF), U.S. Army Pacific, and Surface Deployment and Distribution Command; U.S. Army Reserve Center, D/ARNG; and HQDA DAMO-OD/SSW/TNG Directors.


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May 2010

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"It's not all about money. It's also about the human dimension. I think we do have the very best equipped Army in the world. But how can we do things more efficiently so that we free up resources? We need to free up resources while still equipping, maintaining and manning this incredible Army."

- Gen. Ann Dunwoody, commander of the Army Materiel Command, stating that the Army is working to rebalance its mission and resources so that concerns regarding both equipment and people can be addressed.

Army builds support for tomorrow's conflict


"They are just doing a terrific job taking on all of this - the extra stuff that their spouses normally handle when they are there."

- Sgt. 1st Class Helen Foster, appreciates her husband’s efforts back home during her deployment to Iraq, as well as compliments all spouses of deployed servicemembers, for doing an “amazing job” in their partners’ absence by taking care of children, pets, bills and keeping up with the house.

Soldier shows appreciation for spouse’s support


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