2010 Military Saves Week

Friday February 19, 2010

What is it?

The Department of Defense has designated Feb. 22 through March 1, 2010 as Military Saves Week. Military Saves is a year-round social marketing campaign designed to change cultural attitudes and behavioral standards concerning saving money. It is part of a national campaign called America Saves, sponsored by the Consumer Federation of America (CFA), which works through community coalitions to persuade and encourage people to avoid debt and build wealth through saving.

What has the Army done?

DOD has teamed up with the Consumer Federation of America (CFA) to provide tools, resources and financial counseling to service members through their Web site. In addition, Army Family and Morale, Welfare and Recreation (FMWRC) sponsors a month-long media campaign encouraging Soldiers and their families to participate, and special events through the Better Opportunity for Single Soldiers network to encourage single Soldiers to be more fiscally responsible.

Commanders and senior enlisted leadership are encouraged to place an emphasis on the Military Saves campaign before and during Military Saves Week. Commanders are urged to appoint a Military Saves representative at the installation or command to engage the local public affairs office and on-post financial institutions to make special savings training and programs available to Soldiers during Military Saves Week.

Why is this important to the Army?

Positive outcomes for local commands include: increased participation in financial counseling and education programs including those offered by Army Community Services, decreased incidents involving predatory lenders, and fewer disciplinary problems associated with personal finances.

Saving money is within the capability of every Soldier, and doing so protects them and their families in peacetime and during times of conflict. Programs like the Thrift Savings Plan and Savings Deposit Program make it easy for Soldiers to save, once they know where to go for help and how important it is to them and their families.

What continued efforts does the Army have planned for the future?

Commands are encouraged to keep the Build Wealth, Not Debt message in front of the community at all times. Engage public affairs to promote the campaign, and encourage Defense Credit Union and Military Bank to do the same.

Modeled on the Combined Federal Campaign drive, the recruiting method is the one-on-one personal contact of all personnel (military and civilian), supported by visible leadership, emails, Web site, partnerships, posters, special events, fun challenges and various types of outreach to family members, contractors and the general community throughout the year.


Military Saves Web site

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February 2010

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Feb. 12-28: XXI Olympic Winter Games, British Columbia, Canada - See U.S. Army Olympians Web site

Feb. 22- Mar. 1: Military Saves Week (See Military Saves Web site)

Feb. 24- 26: AUSA Winter Symposium

March 2010

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Brain Injury Awareness Month

Mar. 18: Army Day

Mar. 25: Medal of Honor Day (See U.S. Army Medal of Honor Web site)


"The horror of nuclear conflict may make its occurrence unlikely, but the very existence of nuclear weapons leaves the human race ever at the brink of self-destruction, particularly if the weapons fall into the wrong hands…Every day, many of you help bear that burden with professionalism, courage and grace. Together, we will lead this world toward a world of less reliance – ultimately, no reliance – on nuclear weapons."

- Vice President Joe Biden, speaking to government and military leaders at the National Defense University, about plans to strengthen conventional U.S. military equipment and warheads which will allow the United States to draw down its nuclear arsenal while maintaining deterrence

Biden: Better conventional arms will allow nuclear drawdown


"Military Saves is a command initiative in which leadership can work to create a culture that encourages savings and financial readiness. However, changing our financial culture is a formidable task and requires everyone to take personal responsibility for adopting a 'Military Saver' lifestyle."

- Charles Lowery, acting director of Military Saves, a national campaign to persuade, motivate, and encourage military families to save money every month

Military Saves Week to culminate year-long campaign


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