RESET and Resourcing Conference

Tuesday January 12, 2010

What is it?

The RESET and Resourcing Conference (RSRC) is a quarterly planning event hosted by the Army's lead for the Readiness Core Enterprise (RCE)- U.S. Army Forces Command. The purpose of the RSRC is to plan, synchronize, and facilitate execution of Army RESET. RESET is the process the Army uses to systematically restore redeployed units to a level of readiness that prepares them to resume training for future missions. This conference includes leaders and planners from supported units and installations world-wide, along with other Core Enterprise, ASCC, and DRU representatives. Establishing the RSRC addresses the gap in ARFORGEN synchronization between the time the unit deploys for a mission and until it completes RESET.

What has the Army done?

In response to the findings of the June 2009 RESET Rehearsal of Concept (ROC Drill) in Atlanta, the RCE lead established the RSRC as a new ARFORGEN synchronization forum. Then, in August 2009, the Department of the Army (DA) directed that FORSCOM assume responsibility for the RESET pilot program. The purpose of the pilot was to examine the efficacy of extant processes used to restore unit readiness by improving RESET synchronization for all types of units, across the components.

Subsequently, in October 2009 DA transferred responsibility for Army RESET to the RCE. The RCE will execute RESET based upon DA orders until such time that it can publish its own RESET guidance that will capture and expand upon best practices and procedures to improve the overall process.

What does the Army have planned for the future?

As lead for the Readiness Core Enterprise, U.S. Army Forces Command will continue to host quarterly RSRC's to improve RESET and meet the CSA's vision. Like ARFORGEN, the RSRC will mature over time to become a key, enduring forum focused upon implementing RESET across the components and improving the quality of the lives of Soldiers and families while restoring balance to the force.

Why is this important to the Army?

After eight years of war the Army remains out of balance. This condition has limited our operational depth and strategic flexibility to respond to unforeseen requirements. The Army must more efficiently and effectively RESET units to enable them to conduct full spectrum operations training and prepare for contingencies. During RESET, we repair, replace and modernize equipment that has been worn or damaged in the conduct of operations; we give our Soldiers and families time to restore and revitalize relationships; and we schedule the resources required to complete RESET for all units returning from deployment. The RESET process accelerates reconstitution of the force, increases unit readiness, and postures the unit to begin collective training in the Train / Ready Pool. The RSRC is playing a critical role in achieving the CSA's vision for transitioning and institutionalizing ARFORGEN to a supply based force generation model in FY12. At the same time, the Army anticipates reaching Boots on Ground (BOG):Dwell ratios of 1:2 for the AC and 1:4 for the RC while progressively meeting specific manning and equipping levels that result in the unit being sufficiently ready to commence collective training in preparation for moving into the Available Pool.


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