Army Graduates First Master Resilience Trainers

Thursday November 19, 2009

What is it?

Though the Army has equipped and trained its Soldiers for the physical rigors of combat for close to 234 years, the Comprehensive Soldier Fitness Program is taking a deliberate approach to equip Soldiers with the psychological tools to unlock their potential in this era of sustained operations. Comprehensive Soldier Fitness' Master Resilience Trainer course trains Soldiers in critical thinking that aims to increase a person's optimism, self-awareness and mental agility.

What has the Army done?

Today, the Army graduates 180 Soldiers from its first-ever Army Master Resilience Training course. These new certified Master Resilience Trainers attended classes from Nov. 9-19 learning how to lead, train on resiliency issues and teach life skills to others.

The Army got to this point through collaboration with the University of Pennsylvania - customizing its positive psychology program for use within the Army. Participants learn real-time resilience and problem solving, as well as how to identify strengths in self and others, and assertive communication. Classes are taught in different learning environments such as large groups, breakouts and role-play that help participants learn how to apply their knowledge to train others. This new training course emphasizes that the Army is focused on a true prevention model, aimed at the entire force, not just people in the throes of crisis.

What does the Army have planned for the future?

The Army will build and field a cadre of Master Resilience Trainers within five years and complete a training support package that will be used to meet this goal. Eventually, the MRT training will transition to TRADOC.

A similar course is in the curriculum development phase for family members and Army civilians, which will allow for their eventual voluntary participation.

Why is this important to the Army?

Comprehensive Soldier Fitness represents the Army's investment in the quality of life of our Soldiers, families and civilians by giving the same emphasis to psychological and emotional strength that we have previously given to physical strength. The $125 million program, based on 30-plus years of scientific study and results, uses individual assessments, tailored virtual training, classroom training and embedded resilience experts to provide Soldiers the critical skills needed to take care of themselves, their families and their teammates, enhancing Army readiness in this era of persistent conflict.


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"Someone said to me that we are trying to change the Army, one Soldier at a time. No, I want to change the Army one NCO at a time, because they will go back and change 10 Soldiers."

- Army Chief of Staff Gen. George W. Casey Jr., referring to the Master Resilience Trainer program which seeks to give trainers skills they can pass on to Soldiers

Casey visits Soldiers in resilience training


Year of the Noncommissioned Officer

"I believe this will be a great tool in warrior leaders course for new leaders coming into a leadership position. It helps to refine the tools you have. Some things I'll be able to use in my job and some things at home as a father and as a husband."

- Staff Sgt. David Breeden, a Master Resiliency Trainer student and an Army drill sergeant who "makes infantrymen" through a One Station Unit Training program at Fort Benning, Ga.

Soldiers learning to 'bounce back' in Philly

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