The Army's New 'Officership' Recruiting Campaign

Monday August 3, 2009

What is it?

Today the Army launched a new advertising campaign to increase awareness of the four paths to becoming an Army officer. Dubbed the "Officership Campaign," the advertising/marketing operation will showcase past and current Army officers and use their stories to express how Army officers inspire strength in others through leadership, while serving their nation proudly. The campaign will bring broader awareness to the many ways a prospective officer can become Army Strong.

Why is the Army doing this?

Recent research conducted by a consulting firm confirmed what the Army advertising team had picked up anecdotally in numerous focus groups: there is little awareness among officer-prospects and their influencers (parents, teachers, coaches, etc.) of what it means to be an Army officer and the many paths to become one.

The bulk of Army recruiting efforts have typically focused on the largest and most difficult portion of the recruiting mission: the active component's enlisted mission. Other key missions include the Army Reserve recruiting mission, Cadet Command recruiting mission, and special missions like Army Band, Special Forces, and Medical recruiting.

How does this benefit the Army?

This new advertising/marketing campaign, the first time the Army or any service has launched a national effort related to officership, will help better define and clarify to the American public what it means to be an Army officer and the many paths a citizen can take to become one. Officership adds a new element of choice and depth to Army Strong messages and advertising efforts.

Prospective officers and their influencers can learn about the four paths to becoming an Army officer and choose the one that best fits their needs based on where they are in their education, career, or life plan. The four paths are: Army Reserve Officer Training Corps, Direct Commissioning Program, Officer Candidate School, and the U.S. Military Academy at West Point.

How can past and current Soldiers, Army civilians and family members help support this effort?

Army officer alumni, Soldiers, Army civilians and family members can support this effort by sharing their personal Army Strong stories with potential officer candidates and their influencers. Highlight personal, positive experiences with Army officer-leaders and direct them to the Web site listed below for more information.

What's the way ahead?

The new commercials will air on MTV, BET, TBS, ESPN, Discovery Channel, NBC, CBS, FOX and elsewhere.


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"We are emphasizing the fact that Army officership is a path to lifelong success. We want our prospects to understand that through Army officership, they gain leadership experience by inspiring strength in others. They also gain tangible skills that can be transferred to virtually any profession - both in the Army and the civilian sector."

- Lt. Gen. Benjamin C. Freakley, commander of Army Accessions Command

Army launches new officer recruitment campaign


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