Blue Ribbon Panel Hears Different Views On Ground Combat Vehicle

Monday June 15, 2009

What is it?

Today, The Army Vice Chief of Staff (VCSA) is hosting a Blue Ribbon Panel workshop at the National Defense University (NDU) to hear from knowledgeable individuals on the way ahead regarding the development of a new Ground Combat Vehicle (GCV).

What has the Army done?

In response to the April 6, 2009, announcement by the secretary of defense recommending the cancellation of the manned ground vehicle portion of the Future Combat Systems, the Army is assessing vehicle platform characteristics and requirements options for a new GCV.

The Army invited a broad spectrum of expertise to present diverse points of view and listen to different perspectives. Distinguished participants include representatives from think tanks, academia, retired general officers, combat veterans and active-duty commissioned and non-commissioned officers who can provide insights into the creation of the GCV. They will offer their points of view and insights on the following focus areas: Operational Environment, Platform Characteristics, Platform Threats, Commercial off the Shelf vs. Research and Development Strategies, Realistic Requirements for Tomorrow, and Network Considerations.

This concept will allow maximum input and a transparent process to inform the Capabilities Development Document (CDD) being prepared by the Training and Doctrine Command (TRADOC).

Why is this important to The Army?

The Army still needs a vehicle than can protect Soldiers and cope with 21st century
operational requirements.

The Blue Ribbon Panel will take a fresh look at these requirements including capabilities, technologies and lessons learned from combat.

What efforts does the Army plan to continue in the future?

Insights from workshop participants will be considered by the Blue Ribbon Panel executive committee, who will then make recommendations to Army senior leadership. This Blue Ribbon Panel is part of a process including studies and other efforts to define the requirements of the new ground combat vehicle to be fielded in the next five- seven years.

While not bound by the input of workshop participants, The Army sees great value in listening to alternative views. The Army remains responsible for determining requirements and vehicle design.


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