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Tuesday April 21, 2009

What is it?

Army Training Network (ATN) is the newest online tool designed for trainers and educators to provide best practices, a database of training solutions and collaborative tools such as a Blog and Battle Command Knowledge System forum. Accessible through a secure Army Knowledge Online (AKO) sign-in, ATN will be an important source of information about the many Army training resources available. The Army launched an initial operating capability for ATN yesterday.

What has the Army done?

ATN replaces FM 7-1, Battle Focused Training. As FM 7-1 provided examples of and guidance for ways to implement the concepts in the 2002 version of FM 7-0 Training the Force, so, too, shall ATN complement the 2008 FM 7-0 Training for Full Spectrum Operations. The major difference is that TRADOC can update ATN as often as necessary rather than wait years for the publication of a manual that would be out of date upon publishing. ATN is not doctrine. It provides an intuitive, easy to navigate website focused on Army training best practices, solutions and collaborative tools. Through Army-wide calls for training products, the ATN team has collected over 500 products from the field, and posted the best of them to the products portion of the Web site. ATN is always growing and will mature with time.

What efforts does the Army plan to continue in the future?

Because ATN is online, it will be available to the Army 24 x 7. Because it is "virtual" it will always remain current with no physical copy to maintain. Training solutions will now be at the fingertips of trainers through down loadable text and training examples with embedded links for easy use. Training management is now streamlined to provide best practices and unit-provided examples. The Combined Army Center manages ATN. CAC realizes that the training information business has turned into a "thousand blooming flowers." CAC and TRADOC HQ intend to eventually meld ATN into the Digital Training Management system as DTMS becomes the one-stop training management tool for the Army.

Why is this important to the Army?

Training techniques must adapt at least as rapidly as operations change. The Army wants leaders who are adaptive to the operational environment. Full- spectrum operations, modular forces, versatile adversaries and the reality of persistent conflict, forces the Army to think differently about training. A Web-based system allows Army leaders to share best ideas on training more intelligently, more effectively and more efficiently.


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