Equipment Reset

Monday April 6, 2009

What is it?

RESET: When viewed in all capital letters, RESET refers to the Army imperative that will systematically restore deployed units to an appropriate level of equipment, Soldier, and family readiness in preparation for future deployments and contingencies.
Equipment Reset: When viewed in lower case, reset is defined as a set of actions to restore equipment to a desired level of combat capability commensurate with a unit's future mission.

This STAND TO! will focus on Equipment Reset.

What has the Army done?

The Army has a well thought out and synchronized plan for Equipment Reset that is constantly adjusted to ensure we are meeting the needs of the Soldiers and combatant commanders. Our ability to reset the force is essential to the success of our national military strategy in order to have ready forces capable of full spectrum operations in this era of persistent conflict. The Equipment Resetprogram is focused first on ensuring the reset of units deploying into harm's way. Nothing has a higher priority. To ensure this priority is met the Army has established an Equipment Reset Task Force. The role of the Reset Task Force is to track and coordinate Equipment Reset at the HQDA level and ensure effective and efficient expenditure of reset dollars. Issues of Equipment Reset execution are resolved at the lowest possible level and those requiring approval of higher leadership levels are elevated to this task force for a decision.

What continuing efforts does the Army have planned? ?

The Army will complete the Reset of 27 brigades in fiscal year 2009 and begin the Reset of 18 additional brigades. .The program is an essential part of sustaining the Army's ability to conduct operations. If we don't reset these units and get the equipment into the hands of the Soldiers, allow them to train with it and deploy, then our ability to do our job in our deployed theaters of operation will suffer.

Why is this important to the Army?

We are in an era of persistent conflict, and we will need to continue to reset our units so they will be ready for future deployments. Equipment Reset will reverse the effects of sustained combat operations - repairing or replacing equipment that has been worn or damaged in a variety of hostile environments and upgrading where feasible to ensure the best capabilities are provided to Soldiers and combatant commanders for the next contingency / deployment.





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2009: Year of the NCO

2009: Year of the Military Family

2009: 100th Anniversary of the Chaplain Assistant

April 2009:

- Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention Month

- Month of the Military Child

April 22, 2009: Earth Day


"It’s up to each of us to prevent sexual assault. This crime has no place – NO PLACE – in our ranks. One is one too many. YOU can take a stand. It’s up to each of us. It’s up to all of us."

- Joint Chiefs of Staff Navy Adm. Mike Mullen, in a public service announcement being aired on the Pentagon Channel and its affiliates

Chairman urges support in preventing sexual assault


Year of the Noncommissioned Officer

"NCOs are commonly referred to as the "backbone" of the Army, one may also argue they serve as the heart pumping life blood in the form of innovative ideas, advice, proficient Soldiers, and a no-fail attitude through the body of the Army."

- Maj. John W. Lubas, a student in the Intermediate Level Education course at the Command and General Staff College

Commentary: Army's 'backbone' provides its life blood


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