Army Adopts Civilian Talent Management Program

Wednesday February 11, 2009

What is it?

Civilian Talent Management provides opportunities for development and reassignment by incorporating employee (GS-15 equivalent) experience, skills, competencies and career desires with the requirements of the Army, thereby creating multi-skilled, interchangeable senior leaders. An interim policy that guides the program into its first year was approved and adopted Jan. 28, 2009.

What are the first steps of the program?

The initial focus of the Civilian Talent Management Office (CTMO) is on 376 positions already identified by Army senior leadership as Army Enterprise Positions (AEPs). The Army defines AEPs as those leading strategic thought, providing long-term planning and execution. AEP incumbents perform work that requires consideration of issues having high demands of scope and breadth, influence and impact and significantly affects organizational outcomes.

Why is this important to the Army?

Developing and managing our civilian corps is simply the right thing to do. It is beneficial to our employees, our commanders and the Army as a whole. The expected outcomes are:

Employees -

- Greater visibility of opportunities
- Increased support of professional goals and career potential
- Improved knowledge transfer between transitioning personnel

Commanders -

- Timely vacancy forecasting and knowledge transfer
- Reduction of lost productivity that accompanies vacancies
- Improved succession planning

The Army-

- Optimization of talent exchange
- Greater visibility of vacancies and available talent pool
- Senior leaders with a broad perspective who can operate well in complex environments

How will the Civilian Talent Management Program work?

CTMO will collaborate with Army organizations to determine existing or projected vacancies, anticipate succession planning and develop slates of Army Enterprise Employees for the leadership of the gaining organizations to consider. Army Enterprise Employees are individuals (GS-15 equivalents) who have declared their willingness to be mobile (functionally, geographically and/or organizationally).

What are the next steps?

CTMO will be reaching out directly to educate the GS-15 equivalent population and answer questions about the program. Announcements will also be made through AKO and Army News Service. Within a few months, an Armywide announcement will be made when the CTM program begins operations.


Department of Army Civilians : Sign into AKO


Note: The CTMO Web site will be launched within 30 days of this announcement and will be found at


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