"Battle Rattle" Retention

Thursday February 5, 2009

What is it?

All Soldiers can now keep some of their issued organizational clothing and individual equipment (OCIE) when they change stations. The Army Vice Chief of Staff approved implementation of OCIE central management in October 2005 and approved Modified Table of Organization and Equipment (MTOE) Regional Retained Issue of OCIE in July 2006. The items to be kept is dependant upon: 1) what the items are, and 2) what unit you are moving to.

What can be kept?

There are three categories of personal equipment that Soldiers can retain:
- Military Occupational Skill (MOS) items are issued to Soldiers based on their MOS and can be retained until they separate from the Army.
- Permanent Change of Station (PCS) items can be kept by Soldiers from the time of issue until they separate from the Army.
- MTOE items can be kept by Soldiers moving to an MTOE unit.

You can find out exactly what items can and can't be retained by going to your MY CLOTHING account on AKO. The MY CLOTHING link is on the Self-Service drop down menu on the home page. Soldiers can keep items that show a "Y" under "PCS TRANS" (PCS Transferable) with one exception. If a Soldier is moving to a non-MTOE assignment, All Army Activities (ALARACT) message 092/2008 identifies what items cannot be retained.

How do you move your OCIE?

Retainable OCIE falls into the category of Professional Books, Papers and Equipment. As such, Soldiers can ship their OCIE as part of their household goods. If a Soldier needs his or her OCIE before the household goods are due to arrive, he or she is authorized to use separate freight shipping.

Why is this important to the Army?

First, giving Soldiers responsibility for their personal equipment instills a sense of ownership which leads to better care of the items. Second, retaining certain items will decrease the amount of time Soldiers spend in- and out-processing at the Central Issue Facility (CIF). And third, retaining items reduces the workload and inventory of the CIF. Ultimately, this new policy of retaining OCIE improves the efficiency of the Army.

What is next for retained OCIE?

Procedures for retaining issued items as well as the list of items themselves will be published yearly to ensure the program continues to benefit Soldiers and the Army.


More information on AKO:


ALARACT: 029/2008 Establishment of PCS, MTOE and MOS Retained Issue of OCIE


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