Army Property Accountability

Thursday January 29, 2009

What is it?

Property accountability is every Soldier's responsibility. An obligation imposed by regulation, it is established and maintained through standardized procedures, consistent records, and most importantly, by a commander's priority. The OPTEMPO in which the Army is operating today makes good property accountability especially challenging, and so it is incumbent on ALL to help ensure our property is properly accounted for, at all times.

Why is property accountability important to the Army?

- Every unit in the Army, no matter how large or small, has equipment authorized to enable it to perform its mission. Without that property, in good working order, no unit can do what it is charged to be ready to do.
- In addition to ensuring we account for our property so that we are able to perform our missions, we must also be good stewards of the materiel our country has provided for us to work with.
- Accounting for our property is especially critical in the fast-paced environment in which our units are operating, where property books are split and merged multiple times during each deployment/redeployment cycle.
- Poor property accountability reduces overall readiness and preparedness of the Army.

What is the future of property accountability?

Headquarters, Department of the Army, G-4 has established a permanent Property Accountability Task Force (PATF) to take the pulse of Army property accountability and synchronize process improvement efforts. They are working to continually streamline supply procedures to reduce the Soldier's and Commander's workload. The task force welcomes comments and suggestions from all Soldiers and leaders.


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