Sexual Harassment/Assault Awareness, Prevention and Response Program (SHAPR)

Wednesday January 28, 2009

What is it?

The Army is making great strides toward implementing programs and facilitating a culture where sexual assault and all conduct that encourages or leads to sexual assault are unacceptable by implementing new initiatives to assist in prevention and response, and the reorganization of its current sexual harassment and sexual assault prevention programs.

What has the Army done?

The Army continues to aggressively address sexual assault and harassment issues, focusing on prevention, caring for victims, holding offenders accountable and constant monitoring and refinement of our policies and programs. To better realize the goals of already-established prevention and response programs, the Secretary of the Army approved the reorganization of the Department of the Army's Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Office, now called the Sexual Harassment/Assault Prevention and Response Division, which has now assumed the Prevention of Sexual Harassment missions formerly run by Army Equal Opportunity and Equal Employment Opportunity offices to prevent duplication of efforts and resources.

Other measures being taken include the Army's Judge Advocate General Corps (JAG) receiving increased authorizations for military prosecutors and increased funding for training focused on brigade-level trial counsel, and Criminal Investigation Command (CID) hiring additional experts to investigate sexual assaults. CID will also be requesting more than 30 special civilian investigators to be distributed at installations with higher occurrences of sexual assaults to increase the capabilities of special victim units to handle these cases.

Why is this important to the Army?

These efforts help the Army to facilitate a culture where
sexual assault and all conduct that encourages or leads to sexual assault are unacceptable. The new initiatives and increase in staff will help the Army to better investigate sexual harassment and assault allegations, and prosecute the accused.

Through the "I.A.M. (Intervene, Act and Motivate) Strong" sexual assault prevention program, leaders establish a command climate of prevention that is based on mutual respect and trust, that recognizes and embraces diversity and that values the contributions of all of its members.


For additional information: U.S. Army Sexual Assault prevention and Response Program

"I.A.M. Strong" Sexual Assault and Sexual Harassment Prevention


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