Faces of Strength

Friday January 23, 2009

What Is It?

The Faces of Strength campaign, launched in October 2008 at the AUSA Annual Meeting, was established to tell the Army story through its Soldiers and through the people who support the Army in their communities. While building upon the America's Army: The Strength of the Nation platform, Faces of Strength is a grassroots effort that shows everyone within the Army community makes a contribution and makes a difference. The strength of our Army comes from our Soldiers, families, civilians and communities that support them. This is our chance to spotlight the everyday heroes among us.

What has the Army done?

The Faces of Strength microsite features a messenger toolkit, nomination template and resources, which includes logos and banners, to help you tell the Army's Faces of Strength stories. A link on the front of WWW.ARMY.MIL also features Faces of Strength stories. A site on the U.S. Army's Content Online Resource Enterprise (CORE) has been established to aid in collecting stories from the Army's public affairs officers (PAOs). Currently, 16 Faces of Strength have been featured through posters, videos and news pieces, and will be uploaded monthly to the microsite, as well as posted on Faces of Strength sites on YouTube and Flickr.

Why is this Important to the Army?

As the Army prepares to meet the challenges facing our nation, we see the faces of everyday heroes - our Soldiers, active, Guard and Reserve; their Families; our civilians; retirees and veterans; and those in the communities that support them. These faces show what's best, strongest and most enduring about our Nation.

Faces of Strength shows that the strength of our nation hinges on our individual strengths coming together to make the whole Army strong. Everyone has the opportunity to be a hero in some manner and many in our communities already are - it's time to tell their stories.


Faces of Strength microsite

The Official Web site of the U.S. Army

To request a CORE account: Content Online Resource Enterprise


- 2008 Strategic Communication Guide - Read the 2008 Army Strategic Communication Guide for key messages and updates

- Strategic Communication Coordination Group (SCCG) Workspace

- Army Public Affairs Portal

- Stories of Valor

- Speaker's Toolkit

- Information Papers with " 2008 Army Posture Statement"


The Army Community Relations Calendar

Blogger's Roundtable



  • America's Army 3 game to be released this year (ARNews)
  • Soldier's electrocution in Iraq was negligent homicide, Army concludes (NYT)
  • Army's drug abuse policy under fire (S-Mo NL)
  • Cornyn calls for hearings on recruiter suicides (AT)
  • Africom commander strengthens U.S. relationship with Madagascar (AFIS)


  • Obama directs military to plan 'responsible' Iraq drawdown (ARNews)
  • Gates says Iraq meeting was start of process (NYT)
  • U.S. ambassador warns against quick Iraq exit (BG)
  • U.S. to set concrete, near-term Afghan goals: Gates (Reut)
  • Opinion: Pakistan needs our support (WT)


  • Obama swiftly reverses Bush security policies (HC)
  • Europe rejects Gitmo inmates (WT)
  • Afghan president welcomes order to shut Guantanamo (DM)
  • News of Gitmo's closure welcomed (AZ)
  • Alaska's WWII militia vets lose pay (MC)
  • Severely injured get new disability process (AT)
  • Troops should discard peanut butter items (ARNews)


  • Freed by the U.S., Saudi becomes a Qaeda chief (IHT | Article)
  • Afghanistan, India unveil strategic road (Reut | Article)
  • Troops protest at Taliban wounded treatment (LDT | Article)
  • Burns victim vows to be suicide bomber while Israelis ask: 'Was it all worth it?' (TOI | Article)


  • A letter to the president (AS)
  • President Obama (AHH6)
  • War is boring: Obama's war strategy evolved version of Bush's (WPR)
  • Proud to be an American (BH)


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