Army Family Action Plan (AFAP) Conference

Wednesday January 21, 2009

What is it?

Celebrating its 25th anniversary, the annual headquarters AFAP Conference will be at the Hilton Alexandria Mark Center in Alexandria, Va., Jan 26 - Jan. 30, 2009. This conference brings representatives from around the world who have identified issues to improve the standard of living for Soldiers, retirees, Department of Army civilian employees and their families.

What has the Army done?

- Between 1983 and 2006, 132 child care facilities were built or renovated.
- Resulting policy changes ensure family readiness groups are established and mandated as a unit requirement; and funded Family Readiness Support Assistants down to battalion level.
- The Family Advocacy Program provided training and support to more than 164,000 Soldiers and families in FY06.
- Programs like Army Family Team Building (AFTB) and Better Opportunities for Single Soldiers (BOSS) were born.
- A DOD reserve-component family member ID card was authorized.
- More than 50,000 spouses found employment through the Army Spouse Employment Partnership program.
- Army garrisons now provide more than 50 different support programs/activities.

AFAP has proven results
- 633 issues worked: 75 are active; 435 completed; 118 unattainable; 5 combined
- 90 percent of AFAP issues are worked at local level
- 61 percent of the active HQDA AFAP issues impact all services
- AFAP issues have resulted in 107 legislative changes; 154 policy changes; 173 improved programs/services
- 200 issues are in the Force Support category (directly related to Soldiers), the largest demographic of issues in AFAP

Why is this important to the Army?

The AFAP's mission is to help Army leaders address the needs and concerns of the total Army family. It allows members of the Army family, from teens to retirees and everyone in between, to have a voice in shaping Army policy and making an impact in their quality of life.

What continued efforts does the Army have planned for the future?

AFAP will continue to host annual meetings at the garrison and national level to give the total Army family a voice in issues that are important to them. To become involved, contact your local Army community service office.


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