A Bold New Direction for WWW.ARMY.MIL

Tuesday January 20, 2009

What is it?

WWW.ARMY.MIL is the official public U.S. Army homepage. It has been effectively sharing the Army story since 1997.

In order to remain one of the leading information-sharing Web sites, Army has designed a site with a refreshed look, intuitive organization, enhanced visuals, current technology and adaptability to its audience.

What is the Army doing?

The Web site is now closely aligned with industry standards for news outlets. It has enhanced user customization to benefit current and future audiences.

1. Global navigation

* Drop-down menus create faster access to information in fewer clicks.

2. More news on the homepage

* The Top Headlines feature block provides more headlines in a single area.
* Around the Army uses a horizontal-scrolling block to showcase more news, separated by section heads, as well as adding more photographs with each article.

3. A focus on multimedia

* The best Army images from around the world now have their own preview block on the homepage.
* The video player is now embedded on the front page and on the news front page.
* The ability to play videos in full-screen near HD quality, share video, embed it's code on blogs, with virtually instant access, is also a key feature.

4. Army publications on the homepage

* STAND-TO! More prominence to Today's Focus topic, and the subscription button
* Soldiers Magazine is posted on the front page, with current and past issues archived in PDF format.

5. Sharing made easier

* One-click "share" buttons make saving news articles to your social bookmarking and networking sites easy.
* Easily print and email pages with similar one-click buttons.
* Embed videos on your own Web site, or simply get the link to videos in order to easily pass them along to friends.

Why is this important to the Army?

Just as the Army is dedicated to being a world-leader in technology and winning its missions, this Web site is dedicated to being an ever-improving tool that keeps a worldwide audience up-to-date. While the old site has seen a large amount of success, these changes are needed to keep pace with today's rapid advances in technology, and the ability to easily share information

What efforts are planned for the future?

The Army web team will be measuring the success of it's redesign in order to keep improving its functionality. This redesign is just one step closer to an even better site, launching in October 2009, that will feature increased customization and extra sharing options. In the meantime, we will be using focus groups, surveys, and comparing visitor's stats in order to best serve its audience.

ARMY.MIL Web site

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2009: Year of the NCO

January 2009: National Eye Care Month

Jan. 20, 2009: Presidential Inauguration


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