First Army turns Soldiers into Warriors

Friday December 5, 2008

What is it?

First Army mobilizes, trains, validates and deploys National Guard and Reserve Soldiers along with joint and coalition forces in support of operations around the world. The headquarters is located at Fort Gillem, Ga., and First Army is organized with Division East located at Fort Meade, Md. and Division West located at Fort Carson, Colo. The divisions command and control 16 brigades and 103 battalions dispersed throughout the continental United States. First Army is a multi-component organization composed of active duty, Army National Guard and U.S. Army Reserve Soldiers primarily conducting post-mobilization deployment training at 10 mobilization training centers (MTC).

What has First Army done?

Last year, First Army trained more than 85,000 Soldiers, sailors, airmen and coalition forces in support of missions around the world. In today's environment of persistent conflict and constant mobilization, the nation relies more than ever on its reserve components (RC). To support the RC as an operational force, First Army is collaborating with U.S. Forces Command, U.S. Army Reserve Command and the National Guard Bureau to transform the mobilization process and meet the geographic combatant commander's requirements. First Army's core competency is planning, resourcing and executing post-mobilization training. The highlight of the post-mobilization training experience is a mission-rehearsal exercise which tests the unit's ability to accomplish its mission under conditions that closely replicate those that will be encountered in theater. Finally, First Army validates that the unit meets established deployment requirements and ensures the unit meets its established latest arrival date.

What's next?

First Army is looking to the future. The Army is undergoing the most comprehensive transformation since World War II and First Army is part of that transformation. First Army leaders recognize that our military will be at some level of constant mobilization for the foreseeable future, supporting global force requirements.

First Army is transforming from a regional posture for distributed pre-mobilization training to focusing on post-mobilization training at the MTCs. This will focus its expertise and resources on specific mission sets required for the current fight while maintaining the flexibility to support any mission that the Army or combatant commander may require in the future. Training support brigades and training support battalions will be realigned or relocated to the MTCs to support our transformation effort.

Transformed, First Army will be positioned to effectively mobilize, train, validate and deploy forces required by the combatant commanders while conserving considerable Army resources.


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