The Battlefield Surveillance Brigade

Wednesday December 3, 2008

What is it?

The Battlefield Surveillance Brigade (BFSB) conducts intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance operations to enable the division or corps commander to precisely focus joint combat power and simultaneously execute current operations while preparing for future operations. The brigade is composed of a headquarters, a military intelligence battalion, a reconnaissance and surveillance battalion, signal network support and logistics support companies. A variety of unique assets, such as a Long Range Reconnaissance Company, Reconnaissance Troop and HUMINT Company provide another tool to address the commander's priority intelligence requirements (PIR).

What has the Army done?

The initial design of the BFSB was outlined in the Operational and Organizational Concept for the Battlefield Surveillance Brigade in 2007. Both active component and reserve component BFSBs have been approved for the Army, and brigades are already participating in Operation Iraqi Freedom.

At Fort Knox, KY., the Maneuver Center of Excellence's Maneuver Battle Lab conducted a Computer Assisted Map Exercise (CAMEX) from Oct. 20 to 24. The experiment, involving participation from both Active and Reserve Component BFSBs, as well as subject matter experts from various proponents, addressed the brigade's mission and capabilities. Initial insights from the experiment identified a wide variety of actions to be taken, as well as validating the need for further research to improve the Army's ability to exploit the BFSB's capabilities.

What continued efforts does the Army have planned for the future?

The Chief of Armor will present the initial insights developed during the October BFSB CAMEX at the Reconnaissance Summit held in November 2008 at Fort Knox. This venue is expected to provide refined guidance from a variety of senior leaders (to include the TRADOC Commander) that will drive the way ahead for the BFSB doctrine refinement as well as organizational and material actions. The Maneuver Center of Excellence will continue to develop the BFSB's concept throughout Fiscal Year 2009 culminating with the initial release of FM 3-55.1, The Battlefield Surveillance Brigade.


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