Dismounted Soldier

Wednesday November 19, 2008

What it is?

Dismounted Soldier is the Army's program to provide a virtual training system for dismounted Soldiers. Dismounted Soldier encompasses validated Army requirements that were incorporated in the Close Combat Tactical Trainer (CCTT) program. Dismounted Soldier falls under the Combined Arms Tactical Trainer (CATT) family of virtual simulations. Dismounted Soldier will be interoperable with the Army's family of virtual simulations and will enable the Soldier (in the virtual domain) to train as part of the live-virtual-constructive integrated training environment. Dismounted Solider will provide a capability to train Soldiers and units in all five operational themes and the four elements of full-spectrum operations described in FM 3-0.

What has the Army done?

The Army is in the process of procuring 126 Dismounted Soldier suites for fielding at FORSCOM, USARPAC, USAREUR, ARCENT, ARSOC, TRADOC, and ARNG locations. A Dismounted Soldier suite consists of a combination of nine fully immersive virtual Soldier systems and five multifunctional workstations (MFWS). The workstations enable the expansion of the training audience up to the company-level.

What continued efforts does the Army have planned for the future?

Dismounted Soldier will be fielded in three increments. Dismounted Soldier-I will begin fielding in FY09 and provide an Improvised Explosive Device - Defeat Homestation Training Lane capability at thirty-six installations. It will consist of nine VS systems, a scenario authoring station, SAF workstation and AAR workstation. Dismounted Soldier-II will provide the required threshold capability per the CCTT Capability Production Document (CPD) and begin fielding in FY10. Dismounted Soldier-III will meet the objective requirements of the CPD, and include future capabilities such as augmented reality.

Why is it important to the Army?

Dismounted Solider will provide a virtual training environment that allows individuals and units (squad to company) to train for full spectrum operations in the contemporary operational environment (COE). Soldiers using Dismounted Soldier can train individual and collective tasks and conduct mission rehearsals using a wide array of scenarios on geo-specific terrain while encountering an adaptable computer generated force. Dismounted Soldier provides the commander another capability to train primarily infantry tasks in the virtual environment prior to conducting live training. Dismounted Soldier is in no way intended to replace live training; it is intended to provide Soldiers and leaders numerous repetitions prior to the "run" phase of training.


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