New Recruiting Television Commercials

Friday November 7, 2008

What is it?

The Army will be launching a new recruiting advertising campaign that includes television spots, Internet advertising, Web content and media relations on Veterans Day (Nov. 11). The new campaign has been created to convey the theme "Strength Like No Other."

Why is the Army doing this?

Because it is an all-volunteer force, the Army must aggressively promote the benefits of being a Soldier amid the most challenging recruiting environment in more than 35 years. Also, people are bombarded by hundreds of various marketing messages each day and it's a continuous challenge to cut through the clutter to reach prospective Soldiers and their influencers and tell the Army story. Fresh, compelling advertising helps get and keep audiences' attention.

This new campaign is designed to reach prospects currently not inclined to military service. It speaks to things that motivate prospects the most, and then helps them understand that the Army is the one organization where they can find those things - far beyond expectations. For example, one advertisement conveys that the Army is like a school, but there's no other school where a person can learn so much - or gain so much.

How does this benefit the Army?

This new advertising campaign will help the Army make major progress toward achieving this fiscal year's recruiting goals.

How can this help individual Soldiers?

The new campaign will further characterize the way the Army defines itself to the general public. The campaign is designed to improve the overall image of the Army and to bring service as a Soldier into the consideration set of prospects. The ads also speak to such options as education, high-tech training, and skills for lifelong success that are available to every Soldier.

Also, Soldiers can benefit financially by taking advantage of the enhanced awareness of the Army to be generated by the new advertising campaign among prospects. There are a variety of referral bonus programs that pay up to $2,000 to Soldiers for every person they refer to the Army, who goes on to become a Soldier.

What's the way ahead?

New commercials start airing Nov.11, on ESPN, MTV, Adult Swim, G4, NBC Sunday Night Football, and elsewhere. Another wave of advertising will go live the week of the All American Bowl (Jan. 3, 2009). A third advertising/marketing wave, focused on officership, is scheduled for late January.


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