U.S. Army Accessions Fiscal Year 2008 Missions Success

Thursday November 6, 2008

Did the Army achieve its accessions goals in FY08?

Although mainstream media makes it sound as if we are having a tough time recruiting, the truth is that the Army met and exceeded its goals for FY08. The total accession mission for Active Army, Army Reserve and the Army National Guard was 169,500, but your Army actually accessed 172,654 - more than 3,000 over goal! Additionally, the Army commissioned 7,206 officers from the United States Military Academy, Reserve Officers' Training Corps programs, and Officer Candidate School. The U.S. Army Recruiting Command also added to its entry pool for FY09, putting the Army much closer to the Secretary's stated goal of a 547,000 end strength by 2010.

After six years of war in Afghanistan and Iraq, how did the Army do in retention?

The Army continues to reenlist two out of every three eligible Soldiers overall. That includes young Soldiers completing their first terms of service, half of whom reenlist. These retention figures stand as testament to what Soldiers think about their roles in the military. Some units had retention as high as 120 percent over goal.

Did the Army lower its standards to make mission?

This year, the Army actually improved its quality marks over FY07 and reduced the number of waivers granted. Eight-out-of-10 Soldiers entered the Active Army with no waiver of any kind.

America's all-volunteer Army is made up of the nation's very best. More than 7-out-of-10 of the nation's 17-to-24 year-olds do not qualify for military service because they do not meet the Army's standards for health, education, or character. In fact, although the national average for high school graduation hovers around only 70 percent, every person who joins the Army has a high school diploma or equivalent. Last year more than 3,000 enlistees held bachelor's and advanced degrees.


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