Warrior Care Month - November 2008

Wednesday November 5, 2008

What is it?

Secretary of Defense Robert Gates, has designated November 2008 as Warrior Care Month. Secretary of the Army Pete Geren and U.S. Army chief of staff General Casey have joined Secretary Gates in this DOD-wide effort to tell our troops there is no higher priority than caring for those who defend this nation. Warrior Care Month is an opportunity for Army leaders at all levels to educate Soldiers and family members about the expanding network of resources available to our wounded warriors.

What has the Army done?

Our Warrior Care and Transition Office, Army Wounded Warrior Program, Installation Management Command and Warrior Transition Units have made tremendous strides. Currently, thirty-six Warrior Transition Units and 9 community-based Warrior Transition Units ensure the proper environment for warriors to heal, while providing recovering Soldiers with a mission: to get well. The Army assigns our wounded warriors a dedicated Primary Care Manager, a Nurse Care Manager and a Squad Leader to provide dedicated leadership and support throughout the transition process. Soldier and Family Assistance Centers are located with WTUs to provide Warriors in transition and their families dedicated assistance. The Army's "Continuum of Care" concept is integral to our successful warrior transition effort. From Phase One (Recovery), to Phase Two (Rehabilitation) to Phase Three (Reintegration), our programs provide high-quality care and administrative support throughout the process.

What will the Army do during the month of November?

Warrior Care month events will be executed by Army leaders to reinforce our commitment to Soldier and family care. Installations, Military Treatment Facilities, and Warrior Transition Units will educate and inform our Army Family about improved care resources. Local installations will execute two engagements to publicize resources dedicated to warrior care.

Why is this important to the Army?

Through Warrior Care month, we can ensure every Soldier and family member understands they are never alone in their recovery.


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