"Celebrating Women in the Army" - U.S. Army to Honor Service of Woman Warriors

Monday October 20, 2008

What is it?

Beginning Oct. 20 through Nov. 14, the U.S. Army will honor the achievements of its women warriors as part of a three-week "Celebration of Women in the Army." The commemoration coincides with the anniversary of the full integration of women into the Army for 30 years, with the disestablishment of the Women's Army Corps by former President Jimmy Carter.

Throughout the U.S. Army's history, women have proven that when freedom is threatened, they are equal to any task...and when their country calls, they respond - not in gender-hyphenated roles - but as U.S. Army Soldiers.

Today, women in the Army experience a level of equality and opportunities that exceeded those available in the larger civilian community. With the advent of the All Volunteer Force, Army leadership recognizes the invaluable contributions of its woman warriors.

How important is this to the Army?

Throughout our history, women have made sacrifices for our nation; our female Soldiers - these mothers, sisters, daughters and wives - place the needs of our nation above their own. Female Soldiers play a vital role in the Army of today; they are leaders - officers and non-commissioned officers; doctors, pilots, mechanics, military police officers and engineers. Our female Soldiers' patriotism, fighting spirit and ability to reach across cultures strengthens our nation's presence around the world. We honor all female Soldiers for their strength, service and willingness to sacrifice everything for the freedom and liberty cherished by all Americans.

What is the Army doing?

Today, women represent 13.5 percent of the active Army, 14.1 percent of the Army National Guard, and 23.7 percent of the Army Reserve. Army women have broken the glass ceiling that still confines many women in corporate America. Women make up more than five percent of the general officers on active duty, with Lt. Gen.(P) Ann Dunwoody poised to become first woman to achieve the rank of a four-star general in the U.S. military.

During the period from Oct. 20 through Nov.14, the Army will be highlight and honor its women warriors at all levels by telling their story in command information products at all levels. Guidance is going out to the field to tell the "Women in the Army" story during the next three weeks. Installations and Forces Command public affairs officers are asked to highlight these stories and share them in print via the CORE and video via the Assignment Desk. For more information, contact Col. Jon Dahms.


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