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Tuesday October 7, 2008

Multilateral Interoperability Program and Cooperative Spirit '08

Cooperative Spirit 2008 is an American, Australian, Canadian, Australian and New Zealand Armies' Program activity designed to validate interoperability solutions through the conduct of a field training exercise at the Joint Multinational Readiness Center (JMRC) in Germany during September and October 2008.

One of the solutions being validated is the Multilateral Interoperability Program (MIP) solution to achieve multinational interoperability of Command and Control information Systems (C2IS) at all levels. MIP will support multinational (including NATO), combined and joint operations and the advancement of digitization in the international arena. In other words, MIP provides a common understanding of the battle space for all forces using their own national command and control systems.

What has the Army done?

During Cooperative Spirit 2008, MIP is being tested as a coalition battle command integrator and digital interoperability solution. MIP provides digital collaboration, allowing multiple commanders to share information. Automated systems exchange information so that commanders can make decisions based on what each coalition partner is doing and seeing. Each Army has its own procedures, processes, terms, and technical systems. MIP is an attempt to optimize the interoperability that is essential in a multinational joint operation.

The goal of digital interoperability provided by MIP is to continue efforts in developing a system where commands can share:
- Blue Common Operational Picture
- Red Common Operational Picture
- Graphic Control Measures

Why is this important to the Army?

The rapid sharing of digital information and the maintenance of a common operational picture is essential in coalition operations in complex terrain. The MIP solution to digital interoperability has the potential to satisfy this requirement.

What continued efforts does the Army have planned for the future?

To continue the development of MIP and apply the lessons learned at Cooperative Spirit 2008 to enhance the MIP system, thereby increasing interoperability.


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