7th Signal Command (Theater) will Increase Expeditionary Support to the Warfighter

Monday September 29, 2008

NOTE: Today's Focus on Gold Star Mothers (from Sept.26,2008) has been revised and published online

What is it?

7th Signal Command (Theater) [SC(T)] is the Army's newest signal organization that will provide unity of effort extending battle command to enable Continental United States (CONUS) based expeditionary operations.

The mission of the 7th SC(T) is to integrate, operate and defend the CONUS portion of the LandWarNet.

How will this new Command enable expeditionary units?

Provides a one star headquarters located at Fort Gordon, Ga. that will prioritize operational and resource requirements across the entire CONUS LandWarNet. The command will support operational and generating forces in two regions led by the 93d Signal Brigade at Fort Eustis, Va. in the east and the 106th Signal Brigade located at Fort Sam Houston, Texas, in the West. This command will focus on increasing network capabilities and support to units during all phases of the Army Force Generation (ARFORGEN) model (train, deploy, reset) by establishing unity of command, standardization and best practices at installations under the expert leadership of each Directors of Information Management (DOIM) director.

In order for DOIM organizations to meet the challenges of increasing responsibilities, all DOIM directors are invited to attend the Signal Pre-Command Course where they will learn about command in an executive level forum with battalion and brigade commander selectees. Other DOIM IT managers can also attend the DOIM leader course in direct support of professional development and leader training.

What does the Army have planned for the future?

7th Signal Command (Theater) cadre arrived in July 2008, will establish initial operational capability (IOC) by January 2009, and achieve full operational capability (FOC) by January 2010.

Why is this important to the Army?

Through the 7th Signal Command's unity of effort, installations will become like "docking stations" to enable realistic information-enabled training to expeditionary units during the "Road to War"; provide increased C2 capabilities during deployment; and conduct a seamless reintegration of network assets and realistic sustainment training upon redeployment/reset.

It is critical for deploying forces to use the same tactical equipment and interfaces in garrison as they use in a combat environment. Commanders need the same network enabled C2 and situational awareness capabilities during all phases of the ARFORGEN model.


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