Ready Army: Emergency Management

Wednesday September 24, 2008

What is it?

September is National Preparedness Month. Recent events such as Hurricane Ike, the increased use of asymmetric tactics and the potential for natural crises including Pandemic Influenza demonstrate the need for our Army Community to be prepared for any emergency.

The Army's G-3/5/7's Army Emergency Management Program (Protection Division, Army Asymmetric Warfare Office) protects Soldiers, families, Army civilians and contractors from all hazards and enhances mission assurance by providing policy, guidance and resources to integrate emergency preparedness, mitigation, response and recovery capabilities for the Army.

What has the Army done?

Emergency preparedness is everyone's responsibility. To coincide with National Preparedness Month, the Army Emergency Management program launched Ready Army, a proactive community awareness campaign to encourage Soldiers and their families to get a kit, make a plan and be informed about potential hazards.

Information provided through Ready Army is designed to mitigate the effects of a catastrophic emergency acting as a time and resource multiplier for emergency first responders and medical first receivers, saving lives and strengthening the nation. When the next emergency occurs our Army families must be prepared, both for their safety and for the peace of mind of our forward-deployed Soldiers.

What does the Army have planned?

Ready Army events are being planned and executed at installations around the world during September, a symbol of the Army's commitment to preparedness and the beginning of an enduring campaign fully integrated into the Army lifestyle.

Why is this important to the Army?

Persistent conflict requires the continuous protection of the Army community, at home and abroad. Comprehensive emergency management is a vital component of Army protection and helps build the strategic depth necessary to sustain a strong, resilient and ready volunteer force as we prepare for all hazards of the 21st century.


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September 2008: National Preparedness Month

Sept. 15 - Oct. 15, 2008: National Hispanic Heritage Month


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