Common Levels of Support

Monday September 22, 2008

What is it?

The Army Installation Management Command's (IMCOM) Common Levels of Support (CLS) is an installation management tool that represents installation activities as 98 discrete, but interrelated, services made up of smaller Service Support Programs (SSPs). This cost-focused way of viewing and tracking installation management enables commanders and senior leaders to understand exactly what an installation service costs and what level of that service the Army can afford at a given level of funding. It also provides the performance data needed to conceive and implement business improvements.

Why is it important to the Army?

CLS brings consistency and predictability to Soldiers and families, senior commanders and Army leadership by enabling installations to deliver the same well-defined set of installation services to equivalent performance standards at any funding level. This consistency ensures that when Soldiers and their families transfer from one installation to another, they will feel confident that the level and nature of installation services available at their new homes are similar to their old homes. Examples of installation services include Child and Youth Services, Fire and Emergency Response Services, Housing, Legal Services, Utilities, Ground Maintenance, and Recreation Services, to name only a few.

Knowing what these services cost and knowing what level of funding is expected for the coming year, IMCOM can anticipate whether services can be provided at ideal capability levels (green), at an acceptable, but less than ideal, level (amber), at a minimal level (red), or eliminated altogether. This advance knowledge gives everyone a common expectation of the level of services possible and prevents unpleasant surprises. Because of the expected continuous stress on Army resources, the prediction for the foreseeable future is amber funding levels, except for utilities, security services and a few other non-negotiable services.

What continued efforts does the Army have planned for the future?

IMCOM continues to improve CLS by adding 11 new services this year and refining data collection and analysis for all services. These refinements ensure that CLS fulfills its promise of providing consistent services at the right cost so IMCOM can confidently fight for the resources it needs, senior commanders know from year to year what the garrison should be doing to support them, and Soldiers and the families know what to expect from the landlord that maintains the Army's home--their home.


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"We want our Soldiers to have the same level of service at every installation. A transfer of duty should not be to a "have" or "have-not" installation."

- Maj. Gen. John A. Macdonald, Installation Management Command's deputy commanding general

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