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Wednesday September 17, 2008

What is it?

The Army Sample Data Collection (SDC) program is established by Department of Defense Directive 4151.18 and identified in Army Regulation 750-1 to improve weapons systems performance, logistics supportability, maintainability and support many Army Staff programs. SDC enables the Army Materiel Systems Analysis Activity (AMSAA) to conduct responsive and effective materiel and logistics systems analysis to support decision making for equipping and sustaining the U.S. Army. SDC supports the AMSAA mission to provide analytical solutions to enhance warfighter capabilities.

What has the Army done?

AMSAA is designated as the Army and Army Materiel Command (AMC) responsible for executing the SDC program, which covers many Army systems at various locations worldwide. Collection efforts conducted at operational Army units are hands-on, verified at the source, with no interference to the unit to the maximum extent possible. Usage and maintenance data are collected at serial number level of detail. Collectors conduct quality reviews to ensure accuracy and completeness, and the program has built in edits for quality assurance. All data originates from the equipment operators and maintainers through current Standard Army Management Information Systems, however, SDC efforts provide operational elements, personal readings, reports on unique equipment, tailored reports and include actual maintenance man hours. AMSAA analysts provide information and analysis for the major decision makers within the Department of the Army (DA) staff, and compile unit feedback reports and special studies.

What continuing efforts does the Army have planned?

SDC continues throughout the Army in order to provide data for Army decision makers, and includes analysis of the impacts of Reset, Modularity and the war on terrorism on Army equipment and data collection and analysis to support Condition Based Maintenance. Special data collection initiatives can be tailored to address specific needs of program managers, field units, DA and AMC.

Why is this important to the Army?

SDC enables "data driven decisions" concerning fleet management, O&S cost reduction, reliability improvement programs, technology base investment trades and performance based logistics. AMSAA's SDC data analyses impact all phases of the Army's acquisition cycle and provide information for Army decision makers, including DA, the ACOMs, ATEC and PEO/PMs. Materiel issues impacting readiness and weapon systems performance are routinely identified through the SDC program. AMSAA provides detailed analysis and proposed corrective actions that can directly impact Soldiers and their equipment in the field.


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